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App crashes after purchase

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We have had a few people who purchased LeadNav GPS from the App Store that are experiencing crashes. Not able to open the app.


- Try deleting the app and reinstalling from the App Store
- Then if that does not work try turning on Airplane Mode (sometimes with poor wifi or with Bluetooth on...if you don't have a clear view of the will get crashes. When running outdoors ensure wifi is turned off.

A good sequence when prepping to navigate is

- Close all apps including LeadNav GPS completely (double tap home button and swipe away)
- Turn on Airplane Mode (After iOS8 airplane mode no longer kills the internal GPS chip. Essentially now turning your iPhone or iPad Cell/wifi into a GPS unit without wasting battery searching for wifi or Bluetooth)
- if using the XGPS160 Bluetooth puck...turn on Bluetooth and sync
- Open LeadNav GPS
- Then GO!

If you experience a location freeze or crashes while using the XGPS160 then

- Close LeadNav GPS completely (double tap home button and swipe away)
- Turn off Bluetooth
- Turn on Bluetooth
- reSync the XGPS160
- Open LeadNav GPS
- Then Go!


These freezes or crashes are Bluetooth related. So you must turn Bluetooth off and on to reset...otherwise attempting to close LeadNav GPS and reopen will not fix the Bluetooth issue...and the app will continue to crash.
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