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Iridium Go! True Off the Grid TO Off the Grid tracking

xomegaivxomegaiv Member Posts: 1
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I can't believe no one is talking about the new upcoming Iridium Go! True Off the Grid TO Off the Grid tracking. You guys are killing it and we can't wait to get this upgrade to our LeadNav iPads! We have been using Iridium Go! systems for a while a now (currently have 3 and getting more when this capability comes out) for Off the Grid to Off the Grid communication and tracking for the race car and crew. But getting the automatic Lat Lon text from the race car then having to plug it in the mapping software required too many steps. The fact that you guys are going to integrate Iridium Go!'s tracking right into the Leadnav App is amazing! I can't stress it enough how having this capability is going to make tracking race and chase crews down in the Baja peninsula much more easier. The fact that your race car can see where your pit is at any given time is mind blowing. We have high hopes for this upcoming capability and we can't wait to try it out. Please keep us updated guys


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