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App is freezing and then crashing

Need some help, really worried of losing all my files. I have two different IPads that have the app and I use at different times. One is IPad Pro that is used for trail planning and the other is IPad mini 4 that is used in the car. I share the files between the two but yesterday when I click the LeadNav app on the home screen it brings up the leadnav logo as it usually does but then it stays in that logo for about a minute and then crashes and goes back to the IPad home screen. It does this on both IPads. All I can think of is having to delete the app and reinstall it but if I do that I will lose all of my files and I have spent a ton of time and a few years to make all my files. Is there another way? I figured saving between the two iPads I would be ok backing up the files but now that both are not letting me in I don’t know what to do. The IPads have the latest update 13.5.1 I cannot check the leadnav software because I can’t get into the app. Any help would be great.


  • DocramoDocramo Member Posts: 1
    Same issue ???
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