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Hello from central Texas Old man new to lead nav

I purchased the pro package and would like to know can I follow tablet in race car on my I phone in truck with this one app

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  • RoadrunnerRoadrunner Member Posts: 2
    I'm looking for the same thing as an occasional off road race team using LN - follow the race car on LN map in truck, and race car follows the support truck on their LN map, and communications. I read your "Communication + our Real-Time Group Tracking" website info and LN-Iridium Data Sheet and Hardware sheets. What are all the costs for occasional racers?
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 768 admin
    edited May 18
    Costs are the same for occasional racers as this requires satellite equipment and yearly contracted service. You will need the $149.99 per month, per unit, Iridium unlimited plan. It would cost the same if you did only 2-3 weekends a year as this is no different than getting a cellular plan and is typically under 1 year contract. Over that we charge our fee for the tracking.

    However we are launching in this weeks app update, the ability to subscribe to our tracking in app, for a $150 a month or $750 a year. This is for our tracking only and you will need the satellite service prior for this to work. This is the first time we’re opening up outside iridium satellite service into our capability.

    So if you can work a better deal to get you the “iridium unlimited plan”…through another provider you can now do so.

    If you try to use a pre paid plan/card…just know that you would probably burn through a $1,000 card in a day…as nothing has unlimited data but the unlimited plans which typically requires a 1 year contract.
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