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Improvements for Recreational Off-Roading

Ace900Ace900 Member Posts: 1
I've been testing the app before taking it out to the back country. During these tests I've already noticed some improvements that could be made in the future.

When trying to follow a route:

I've noticed that when you leave the designed route there is no warning that you are off the trail. I purposely went more than a mile off the route and no warnings. That is a costly loss of time and direction in off-roading when you don't have a co-pilot to keep you on track.

Also when you choose a map to run it should show the mileage of the route with out having to go all the way into the edit route mode. This info is helpful when planning trips for the day.

Voice prompt selection distance should be in miles if everything else is setup in miles.

And one other minor detail. I am using an I-phone 6 to run the Leadnav app, and noticed that when I'm playing music from my phone the app didn't lower the volume so I could hear the voice prompts that I had designed into the route. When you're out cruising the backcountry it's nice to listen to music, but I would hate to miss my turn because I couldn't hear the voice prompt.

When planning routes:

I noticed that the App on my I-pad didn't update when I purchased the Advance pack. So I reloaded the app to get my purchase, and in the process I lost the route that I already planned. Luckily I only had a test route drawn up!

Hate to say it, but I'm very disappointed in all the satellite images. I use Google maps to plan routes and it's frustrating when I try to map the route in the app, and the satellite maps are so out of date that they don't show the road that I want. I know for a fact that the dirt road I need does exist because it's on Google maps and I drove it less than a month ago.

For downloading maps for off line use, (which is very time consuming) it would be much easier if the maps were pre grouped together, then we could just download the groups we want. Possibly by each state, or at least a quadrant of a state.

In my opinion!

The subscription for the online maps needs to go away in the future. I don't mind starting out with this app and a subscription because it's way cheaper than a GPS unit, but after a few years I will be wishing I just bought a Lowrance to start with.

I really like the idea of this off-roading app because it always me to use one device when I'm cruising in my Ace 900. With my I-phone 6 I can use the music, take photos, save forest and trail maps in a PDF reader app, make phone calls if needed when I'm around power lines and now be my GPS tracker. Everything else in the app is superior and well thought out. Especially when creating a route! As with everything, I'm sure the Leadnav app will get better over time.

Thanks, Brian


  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 739 admin
    Some good feedback. Here is some info back.

    - Off Route Alarms are on the list of To Do's

    - Miles in Voice alerts will not work but we can switch between Yards, Meters or Feet. Feet being a little confusing and hard to interpret as alerts are off of speed and a 15 second warning you would be hearing things like 3,452 feet till".... Yards and Meters are easier to interpret and judge. Miles would we what.... " .128 miles till"?... Not Practical when getting a distance alert.

    - Music does dub down when navigation kicks in....not sure why your not even xperiencing this. Check your device settings...

    - Issues with in app purchases and with purchases crossing over to other devices is controlled by Apple. So any issues have to be addressed to Apple so they can fix your account issue.

    - LeadNav runs MapBox for its offline maps as the first and only service to allow you to legally register with them and "borrow" their maps for offline use. However there are more advanced options built into LeadNav like MBTiles compatibility and Custom Map which allows you to add any Map Server in the world that you would actually LeadNav runs any map in existence..

    Try copying and pasting this into Custom Maps...[email protected]&[email protected]&[email protected]

    WARNING: LeadNav does not promote saving unauthorized map types for offline use. This is for viewing online only...

    More up to date satellite map imagery is about to be incorporated into LeadNav but this will be a much higher cost. For example the 250 mile race in Baja would have costed us $85,000 dollars for 18 zoom 1 month old imagery!! For 20$ or $150 a year you get what you pay for we are Satellite imagery is big business..we are however working on deals to make this "more affordable" for our users.

    Understand that with every map tile you save...we get billed...there is absolutly no other "user friendly" way in existence for us to provide a better offline map service...MapBox is the only "affordable" way in existence to allow someone to "borrow" tiles for offline use. Again there are much more complicated ways for the user to build and save their own maps.... Google MOBAC and MBTiles...or in the future you will be able to subscribe to other outside companies within LeadNav but these companies charge a very hefty price tag as stated above...

    We are starting to fly our own aircraft to collect our own current and 21 zoom map imagery for organizations. This is way cheaper than flying a satellite...but we are still flying aircraft and spending countless hours processing the imagery so it will be priced accordantly.

    - The above all being will not ever see map subscriptions going you are not paying paying an outside company to fly satellites...aircraft...and to let you "borrow" their map imagery.

    We are thinking about switching to a Credit system where you pay per tile. This way we don't have to restrict the individual tile size. You can pick all of California if you like...but you will pay them what it costs. We think this will help the user understand the process more.

    We are also going to pull away from In app purchases and follow the template of our Pilot App friends. Like them...we are more of a higher grade software package and less of a typical app... If you look at these pilot GPS apps you will find that the App is Free and you must buy and unlock the app online. Some of these flying apps being way less advanced then LeadNav...still costing over $400 a year..

    Subscriptions also allow us to keep improving while adding all these requested features. We are an advanced GPS package....not Angry Birds! haha

    Thank you for the feedback. You will be seeing a lot of updates in the near future!

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