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King of the Hammers Race Map

Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 665Administrator, Moderator admin
Here it is...i know all you KOH guys are without wifi so if you get ahold of someone who needs it they can track us down in the Casey Currie Pit with the file and satellite map.

Lap 1
Lap 2
Lap 3

Individual lap Routes.

Remember to throw in the Backdoor / Resolution segment in at least once!! It is a separate route file.


  • INtrepid4455INtrepid4455 Posts: 3Member
    Okay, got this on my iPad, it shows 3 laps, 5Alt routes, and BD/Resolution. How would i use this? Do I need to switch routes between laps? What if I want an alternate? How can I plan the whole race e.g.. Lap 1 with Alt3, lap 2 (again Alt 3) , then lap 3 with BD & Alt 3?
  • INtrepid4455INtrepid4455 Posts: 3Member
    Oh - just practicing for '17...
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 665Administrator, Moderator admin
    King of Hammers is unique in its Loops and choices to take obstacle sections whenever you want.

    LEADNAV can be run like a standard GPS where you just visually watch your position over top of their race map... which then this is no problem.

    However if you want LEADNAV to work at its full capabilities then yes you will need to plan out what you want to do then Copy, Splice and Merge the individual loops how you are planning to run them. Then add in all your waypoints that you want to hear and see.

    We did this for a few while at last years KOH to include Casey Currie. We will be doing this again at the next KOH for Casey Currie and Jessi Combs the way its looking.
  • INtrepid4455INtrepid4455 Posts: 3Member
    Would I need the Advanced or Pro subscription to Copy, Splice & Merge? Also, what does the S shaped arrow do on the Edit screen?
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 665Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited November 2016
    You will need Pro for those editing features as well as for saving that much background map imagery easily with Save along Route feature. This is covered under lessons section.

    That arrow is for building Routes which LEADNAV is designed around doing. It just happens you are editing and existing Race route but the core function of LEADNAV is to allow you to plan and build routes yourself point to point. That Serpentine arrow draws out the trail and the Waypoint button drops audio and visual points in the route.
  • 55cj3b55cj3b Posts: 3Member
    Will there be a pesto with the 2018 KOH MAPS? Or am I just not seeing it? I can’t get out of work untill Monday and would like to start pre planning on the gps from home for our race effort Wednesday. Can I link the cartotracks map to leadnav?
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