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Hello all I'm Capt.Robert Ferris USMC Recon Ret/Dav

Is there a Android version of the app/program and the hardware tablet looks like it would be a great addition to the bridge of my ship as I'm the master of the C/S Emma Maersk container vessel 1300+ ft long 180 ft wide 15000 25 ft containers I'd like to put leadnav system to work on board with a host of task from container Locations to oceanic port to port navigation an see if the vets system can bring Garmin, Magellan, Raytheon navigation systems down with a superior product with my Regards Capt RTFerris USMC Force Recon Ret/Dav


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    Capt thank you for your service. I built LEADNAV upon retiring as a SEAL from Dev Group.

    Unfortunately, Android does not offer the stability needed across its many outside platforms to host applications of this level. Bottom line it is a pain in the azz for developers to chase bugs across its mess of different devices versus Apple building the device specifically for its operating system and matching them up perfectly. In fact, after many attempts of telling the military this, as I led development there from the operator level, finally 6 years later they are starting to accept that and look at Apple due to all their problems.

    You are at a different level in boating than me on my little inshore/nearshore center console fishing boat... but how I would use it remains the same.

    I run all the typical boating apps for their dedicated charting abilities etc but I run LEADNAV for the satellite imagery for studying inshore/nearshore terrain, reefs, bars etc. I also run it to store all my GPS (gpx format) files for visualizing and planning my trips better as an iPad can store about a million more points without crashing, unlike these much weaker Lawrence/Simrad and Garmin units.

    Above the app we have our Iridium satellite packages with worldwide messaging and voice calling, SOS and our in app, peer to peer group tracking. So everyone running a unit sees each other real time between each other anywhere in the world. Boat to boat, boat to plane, boat to vehicle on land... This is different than your standard fleet trackers that only pump your position back home.

    However your ship most likely has WiFi so you can use that to track each other in app for much cheaper.
  • CaptRTFerrisCaptRTFerris Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your service as well I'm not opposed to Apple products and if you sell the hardware with the software Leadnav has can you send me a link to pricing this from low to high prices ballpark would be great I truly believe that the product would be invaluable to have on board not only for its portability but the potential for security for my vessel what with piracy in some of the ports we find ourselves sent to anyone coming over the rail on my deck will find themselves the recipients of extreme and violent endings as pirate's although the company I work for frowns on it give up the ship is there attitude pay the Ransome policy it is not nor ever will be the policy of this ships Captain who's crews lives I'm responsible for to roll over as a former Recon my enlistment oath never expired and as such termination with extreme prejudice is my policy and I believe that a tablet that can reach out to the world to sound a alarm yet keep my crew one step ahead of those who have a will to harm them with approximately 25,000,000 sq ft of vessel to hide in its my thinking having a system in place that can give my crew the advantage to stay well away from an safe from this environment until help can arrive would be to there advantage and would free myself an bridge officers the opportunity to be the tactically advantaged on board which in my mind is a win win for crew an company if I'm not reading more into your company's system than is there? if I'm not please send me a link to pricing etc if I am thank you for your time and Semper Fi I believe if your system is capable of my suggested task then after my field test an evaluation I could easily see a day when it would at least be a company wide part of our day to day on board lives and piece of mind electronic life ring/ preservers again thank you for your time with my Regards Capt RTFerris USMC Ret
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