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Would love to move between collections without killing the active track

dedmistondedmiston Member Posts: 7
Hi LeadNav,

I love your app. In our group, I'm the guy who always leads the rides because I'm the only one with a good nav solution. I'd rather not lead all the time, but it sure is a tip of the cap to YOU and your LeadNav app.

BACKGROUND: Here's how I use the app:

1. I maintain all of my markers and routes in one collection.
2. At the beginning of every trip, I duplicate that collection and name it using the place and date for the name.
3. As we ride, I save cool things to that collection, and then manually recreate markers and routes in the default "Markers" collection when we get home.

One thing that I run up against is when we're out on the trails and someone asks me to find some cool place or trail that we took on a previous trip.

That's where the bummer begins.

I have to either figure it out by memory or end my recorded track before I browse through my other collections to find whatever my friends are asking me about.

I would love to be able to pause the current trail while I peruse other collections, and then come back and resume that active track.

Is this just user error on my end, or is there truly no way to skip between collections when a track is being recorded? Is there any way to push that active session info temporarily and then pop it back to resume the track?

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