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Bradley Cameron

I was wanting to know If LeadNav will work with my I pad it’s a 2020 12.9 pro. Also I would like to know if any of the lead nav functions will work at all with out an subscription

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  • BradleyBradley Member Posts: 5
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    The only reason I’m asking if it works at all with out membership is cause I wanted to run it with my lowrance for my last race and see what I thought about it before I spend $250 for a year. My last race is in a couple weeks and I just got this I pad


  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 768 admin
    LEADNAV will work on the 12.9. You just don't see us building packages for it because it is traditionally a battery hog to keep charged in a vehicle and we focus on the standard 10" models. Not to say folks don't use it. You will just need to definitely run a MotoPower 3.1 to the battery (found on our store).

    The core LEADNAV GPS app is a GPS and will function like a GPS by itself.

    Just like a Garmin or will not have any background map imagery without a subscription. The background will be blank/gray when you do not have cellular or wifi. The subscriptions allow you to save and prep background map imagery for offline use. Advanced is for people on foot and Pro allows larger areas for folks in vehicles.

    Pro also has more advanced Route Editing features and our PreRunner functionality.

    See our You Tube channel for videos.
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