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New iPad question?

JimmykinsJimmykins Member Posts: 28
My old iPad has been giving me trouble so it’s time for a new one. If I’m running a XGPS160 antenna why do I need an iPad with cellular? Also looking for advice on models, iPad 8th generation or iPad Air 4th generation? Big price difference!
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  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 768 admin
    We only outfit folks with the cell+wifi model because it is kind of cutting the capability short, for the investment, not to opt for the extra built in GPS positioning. You are greatly limiting yourself.

    If the antenna breaks or acts up you have no backup. Also you are slaved to that puck, so if you wanted to grab your iPad and jump in another vehicle it is useless without taking that puck with you.

    The majority of time we are NOT running the puck but instead using the internal gps positioning of the cell+wifi ipad. The only time we use the puck is when requiring high accuracy and performance for trail blazing or racing.

    Most of our folks are investing $2-3K on a opting to save $100+ is really a waste...
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