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App is taking all available storage space on numerous devices

While prepping for 2020 Vegas to Reno I began noticing problems with the app/iPad freezing. I had some difficulties during SS300 with the app going haywire on location and do not know if the current problem is related to that.

Anyway, I built a route and then tried to save background imagery. I chose map box and clicked the cloud to begin downloading. I chose 18 zoom and 200m which should have been around 4gb for the Vegas to Reno Chase Route. When it finished it showed 63.4gb on a 64gb iPad. The app was locked up/frozen. I tried the same thing on my 128gb iPad and it used all available space and showed it in LeadNav as 120gb of cache.

I have deleted everything and tried twice to get the background imagery using mapbox and the ESRI options. Every time it uses all available space rather than the 4gb it should be.

Something is going on and I am worried it will affect our use of the app in the racecar when the gps files become available.


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    Assuming your running the latest update because you mentioned you have ESRI available as a map type...

    As we transition over from Mapbox to ESRI, I am wandering if you have a stock pile of old Mapbox terrain or street stored that wasn’t deleted on the update.

    Did you try backing up your collections and deleting app then reinstalling to see if the storage is reset?

    Also, be aware, that the shown “estimate” of the download area is in no way accurate in a Save along Route layout prior to downloading. It’s actually a very rough guess in individual tile saving as well. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing what the end storage size will be until the actual save is done because we are pulling and splicing it together through an outside map server.

    (The Vegas to Reno will definitely be way over 4 gigs with a save along Route at 18 zoom/200 meters)

    As we currently work to transition further over to ESRI and their backend, we will be able to lock in this estimated guess better.

    Until that time, after the save of an area, the listed size under the map type cache should be correct and match what is shown in the devices storage settings for LEADNAV. If not...we need to pinpoint why...

    Could you send us the collection so we can try and perform a similar save?

    If we do a 18 zoom, 200 meter save along Route for the same map type I’d like to see if it is the same size as what you got.

    Can email that to [email protected]

    Side note: There is a little bit of auto cache save when viewing maps..
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