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Bringing back Mapbox Street and Terrain

phaskphask Member Posts: 18
edited May 2020 in Troubleshooting and Bugs
I’m enjoying the speed of the new ESRI maps, however the text labels are tiny and unreadable if I’m looking for alternate routes or specific road names where things aren’t labeled in the back country.

To give an example, I took screenshots on my iPad Pro before updating with Mapbox Street (Terrain text labels look the same) and then on my IPad Mini 5 with the new ESRI terrain.

Any chance I can get Mapbox Street/Terrain back using the custom maps option? I followed their API formatting docs and haven’t had any luck. Mapbox sat is still in there... :) - ESRI - Mapbox


  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 762 admin
    Unfortunately Mapbox is forcing everyone’s hand n greatly increasing rates n restricting usage. Hence almost every other main stream gps application out there dropping them already. The ones who kept them around turned off their offline caching.

    Even at our $250 a year subscription it’s hard to justify their new cost.

    We are currently negotiating with both but ESRI is being a little bit better so far.

    Like everyone else we will probably drop Mapbox all together soon.

    We are also talking to a number of other providers however these would be strictly enterprise client options as they will cost these groups a few thousand dollars a month to use offline.
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 762 admin
    On the font size, we have no control over this currently. Neither do most of these other mainstream gps applications.

    This is because we have been utilizing these outside map providers “web maps” versus fully integrating their app coded maps into our framework. If and when we do that, we could build our own maps.

    You will see all your other $40 a year mainstream gps apps only offering Topo, street and very poor quality satellite maps and most will be for online use only. We are trying to find a balance with our general Offroad market and these bigger providers...

    You will see something happening in the next few months...just not sure what that will be as of now.
  • phaskphask Member Posts: 18
    Disappointing that it’s always about making more money and in turn they drive away customers. Wonder how many people actually pay to use Mapbox...

    On the other hand, sounds like I need to setup my own OpenStreet map server. They do a great job with all the back country road labels, boundaries and such, but the entry point in the app appears to be throttled hard.

    While I like the imagery, where I’m usually going, it doesn’t help as much as seeing all the roads for alternated, power lines, boundaries for property like military and more. I plan the routes out prior to going with some alts, but sometimes those are not available or no longer exist. :anguished:
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