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XGPS160 Issue

I have three pro packages running on three different vehicles. Two of the units the GPS will not lock onto the sat. So Bluetooth locked, GPS flashing green and will not lock. Pulling what hair I have left out. I scoured the forums, watched the training videos again and I am not finding an answer so turning to the group.

What I have done so far:

Updated the firmware for the two units, which didn't need it but did it anyway. Confirmed with the Duo app that the 3.5.4 firmware is the most current. I followed the PDF directions, turned off the always record, checked the firmware again. Forgot the device started it all up again and checked the firmware again just to be sure.

Checked online for what the most current firmware is. Verified 3.5.4

Performed a cold start via the app.

Shutdown the puck itself and restarted.

Moved the units to edge of our ramp a fair 100 yards from any structure and in the middle of the desert. Clear line of sight to the sky, and let the units sit outside for 40 minutes to try and lock.

Drove the units around looking to see if there was some kind of interference and could obtain a lock elsewhere.

Updated all the iPads in the beginning, step one for me anytime I fire them up.

Double checked the Duo App was the most current version.

I have a hard time believing two pucks are failing at the same time and must be operator error is involved somehow. I can't find where I am mucking it up or missing something for some reason.

Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 760 admin
    Assuming they are not locking in the Dual SkyPro app as well...?

    Just trying to eliminate any application or LEADNAV issues.

    You shut them down and attempted to start up with a “cold start” in settings of their app?

    Also make sure other apps are closed and WiFi is turned off. We’ve seen a few internal LEADNAV issues pop up recently from this.

    Also did you get the pucks from us? If so what is the serial numbers.
  • RdanielRdaniel Member Posts: 4
    Correct they are not locking or showing data in the Dual SkyPro app. They are getting a Bluetooth link but no SAT data.

    I did attempt a "cold start" using the app.

    I did turn the WiFi off. I found that the app would crash if I had the WiFi on to Iridium and was using the on grid setting. So eventually figured that out and turned off the WiFi. This is new by the way didn't have this issue in the past.

    I did get the pucks from you. The serials are:

    Thanks for the rapid response. Trying to get our response team up and running for return to operations.
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 760 admin
    Only other thing I could think of trying is making sure location services are turned on under those apps, but I'm sure you did that.
    • Are Location Services enabled on your iPod/iPad/iPhone? Go to Settings>Location Services and make sure that Location Services is set to ON and the setting for your particular app is also set to ON.

    Of those 3 units which two serial numbers are not working? I want to bounce these numbers off of Dual's support.

    Also are they in our X6 enclosures or slick? The enclosure does knock down signal strength a bit but this is typically ok in a vehicle. You said "ramp" so am assuming this is in an aircraft...

    To confirm is the signal "weak" and not locking or are the signal bars blank and not even trying?
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 760 admin
    Dual is slow for support so our next step would be to send the units back to me to look at. I am just trying to eliminate all possibilities to save time. Sounds like you have a good understanding and have troubleshooted them well but typically I get these sent back and can get them running with a reboot.

    ALSO TRY HARD REBOOTING THE IPHONE OR IPAD! (forgot to add that one as this typically jars a lot of problems loose in the device)

    If no joy... then ship them back to me at

    441 Network Station dr
    Suite A
    Chesapeake VA 23320

    I will take a look and ship replacements if necessary.
  • RdanielRdaniel Member Posts: 4
    Location services are all on. We utilize a checklist at the start up of each unit which includes that ensuring location allowance is turned on.

    The two units having issues are 45BE97, 45C1A7 with the X6 casing.

    Yesterday we did a field exercise and found a new issue. The puck was showing Bluetooth lock, the iPad showed it was connected but when I went into the Dual GPS app it wasn't showing it was connected to the Dual app. That was odd, never had that happen before.

    I have rebooted, cleared the app out of the cache all that still joy. currently these are utilized on our response team UTV's for our spaceship and test/training equipment. Luckily in yesterdays FTX we were able to get pretty good tracking with the Iridium. So we have a redundant system that supports and occasional cell use that we can track as well.

    If you don't have any other ideas I can pull them off the UTV's and ship those two and see if you have any luck. I just have a hard time believing we have two units failing at the same time.

    Thanks for the help.
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 760 admin
    Ok we will just ship you two new units to try if you can email us a good shipping address at [email protected]

    The Iridium GO! will not provide any location is the internal GPS chip in the iPad or iPhone itself that will work fine for what you are doing for the time being. It is just a weaker GPS internally and will only refresh once a second (showing a "hop" on the screen, versus a smooth 8 per second refresh on the XGPS160). It also may be less accurate in heavy mountainous terrain.

    Send us that shipping info and we will get those two swapped to see if that makes a difference!
  • RdanielRdaniel Member Posts: 4
    Damian sorry for the delay. We ran three missions in a row and are just now getting back to test and fit. We are doing a field survey on Friday to lay some tracks in Leadnav for routes. Let me run through everything one more time. We ran everything during the three missions and I was given mixed feedback from team members. I was on Ops Desk so I didn't get a chance to see it first hand and would like to run it again just to make sure before you guys go out of your way.
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