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2020 King of the Hammers

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We got sent the GPS files for KOH last night and spent approximately 5 hours cutting and splicing as the original Track loop was made up of multiple out of ordered and reversed segments. We also broke it down into 3 Lap Routes.

With the unique "cloverleaf" layout of this race with different lap loops, it takes some strategy and planning on how you are going to Prerun. If prerunning just note, that you only need to edit each section/lap once. With UTV/EMC obviously the 2 and 3 lap are the same so you only need to prerun/Run one Route file. Oops no Lap 3 for EMC/UTV so just ignore/delete that

4400 Gets a little trickier with it switching up so you will need to get creative with cutting and splicing the 2 3rd lap loops etc into a final Race Ready file. See our lessons section.

Remember to backup your work before editing!!! (Duplicate Collection)
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