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LeadNav Intro Questions for Single Seat Racecar

I just purchased the Leadnav basic application and have a few questions for use in a single seat race car. In this scenario, I would only use the Leadnav application for Audio Markers/Queues only. I would start the route at the beginning of a race, let my ipad/iphone screen sleep and have the application running in the background alert me when audio markers are on the route. Is this possible/practical? With this scenario, how do I both power my ipad/phone and connect it to the audio in my helmet at the same time?

Also, how do I go about importing existing lowrance waypoints VCPs + those waypoints that I would create while pre-running, and turn them audio waypoints?



  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 731 admin
    Yes, LEADNAV can be authorized in setting to Run in the background to provide audio when screen is locked.

    Power it with a standard Apple cable and a high output USB providing 2.4 or higher (Like our 3.1 Direct to batter leads in our store or 2.4 USB adapters.

    Provide audio however you would put music in your ears. We utilize the PCI or Rugged Radios bluetooth intercom units for this in race applications.

    Convert USR/KML/KMZ to GPX and import. Look at our lesson section on converting file types and watch our website training page videos.

  • SpotterSpotter Member Posts: 4
    Very helpful. Thanks for the answer.
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