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Hello, not sure if you guys would like any input but I'm gonna throw it out there.

I have been a Driver and navigator for 10 years. Raced in many classes trucks and buggies. This was my first race using the system. First I will say great job. I think it made a difference. This year's Baja 1000 had serious silt and was very rough. A great test run for our new navigation system. I was using a 3rd gen iPad mini 64gb cellular, I routed the audio into my helmet, I used the Dual GPS puck, ram mounts and lifeproof case.

I used this system a long with my lowrance GPS as a backup with 3 pre runs of my section.

For me this app was great for :

Inputting notes on course hazards, changes, turns. Way easier than doing it on a lowrance. I can put in a quick few words or sentence on how to negotiate a turn or section on the spot instead of using a computer to get my notes in.

I could take it out of the mount and walk the trail, to avoid leaving tire marks which is a huge benefit.

Audio system was cool, I didn't think i would like the audio but it proved to work well.

The offline imagery was great, I Downloaded 1km each side of the whole track, it took forever to download, but it was awesome for the silt and prerunning. I didn't use it in the race much because when you are zoomed in to a level you need for judging turns it is too far for the images.

Car got stuck, gave me coordinates, I made a custom marker, put in the coordinates , bam had there location overlaid on the arial imagery which allowed me to find alternate trails to get to the car without using the race course.

There is more good things I can't think of that really made it shine. In my opinion there is only a couple things the lowrance does this doesn't do, and definitly a lot of things it does way better.

A few things I would love to see in the app

1:Be able to change route and trail color, I can then have access roads, alternate lines and additional choices in my notes.

2: This was huge and in my opinion the biggest necessity in the app. We need to be able to increase the text size of the marker and waypoint text. I know there is the audio portion and the big text up top for the next waypoint, but it really hinders me in planning my future calls. It is just a bit too small for me to read while bouncing in the passenger seat and both older navigators with lesser vision could not read it at all. The audio is great but as I learned with a bad wire in my helmet once it's gone you need a backup, I need to be able to see the text. A setting to change it to different sizes for different needs would be great.

3: I marked the course with audio failure in mind because I know how Baja is and I didn't know this system what I did was use different markers for all my diferent calls, just as I would on the lowrance, this allowed me to see a yellow circle and know it was a turn with a caution, red in turn meant a Danger/Hazzard. Blue circle was a fork and a second blue circle was the preferred line
Red Square meant Danger and Hazzard in the course, yellow meant just a caution, green meant accelerate. Plus plenty more simalar icons for different things. I did all these with notes below then so it would be read and I could read it only if it was smooth. In the rough I relied on the icon type to interperate it.

4: After prerunning my seciton three times I converted the trails to routes and went through all my markers and added a waypoint with the same text and similar icon ( same ones weren't available) this allowed me to have the audio read to me at a distance and a large icon in the compass which I liked, when audio failed, use the markers. This could be way simplified with allowing markers to have the same range activated voice calls as the waypoints and on screen pop-up in the compass. The waypoints and markers should also have the same icon choices. The waypoints should also put an icon on the map right now they show up as the speaker thing. So if I would only use the waypoints and no markers I have to read everything instead of seeing an icon and knowing what it is, that's why I used both markers and waypoints for every single note.

5: A really aweosme feature would be to have a on screen button for when I hit a speed zone, (I had one section for 67 miles, no working speedometer for the driver, imagine staring at that number reading the speed every 2-5 seconds so the driver can stay as close to 60 as possible) this setting would add a decimal to the speedometer, enlarge the text of the speedometer, and also have a large on screen shade or "filter". For a 60mph speed limit Under 54 is blue ( going way to slow) 55-58( good speed to maintain) 58-60 is yellow ( stop accelerating or maintain ) over 60.9 is flashing red (Slow down!!). I'm sure you guys know speed penalties are huge. The reason I want colors and large speed text is because in a single seater or a driver side or center mounted unit the driver can just quickly glance and see a color, that tells him what he needs to do, and flashing red will get his attention and slow him down.

6: The lowrance does this and I prefer it for navigating, would be a cool setting maybe. Trail on top of icon, the icon covering the center of the turn makes it a bit harder to judge the turn. I can see the shape of an icon under a small line, and as a setting would allow navigators to have a preference.

7: The tracks look so much better than the routes, I converted then go routes so I could do the waypoint audio. Problem I noticed with the routes is you have to look at every bread crumb, and when zoomed in a turn will have 10-20 dots in it. The trails are smoothed in a connect the dots fashion which take the clutter out of the turn allowing for a quicker better call for me to give the driver.

I hope you like the input, sorry for the long winded post I just wanted you guys to get some background on what I think will make your app a good professional navigating app that will leave the current norm behind. Please reply with any questions, I can expand, you can PM me and get my number if you want to call. I will add anything else I think of also.

DJ Jeffrey
888 Trophy Truck Spec


  • THODGES89THODGES89 Member Posts: 5
    These all sound like awesome ideas to me! More options can't hurt. +1 for adjustable font size, and select zoom level at which they appear/disappear.
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 760 admin

    Cool to see someone catching on and finding their own method of using LeadNav. We kept the design open to interpretation with dozens of racers using it in a dozen of different ways. Our goal was to improve "off the grid" navigation while keeping a fluid layout that allows us to roll it into other types of racing and backcountry sports as well...the intention being to evolve the GPS tech as a whole and take it into the more powerful and multipurpose tablets and smartphones....

    1 route colors are coming

    2 Double zoom on marker and waypoint labels is on the way

    3 A new PreRunner beta upgrade is already out and has been tested during the Baja 1000 by the Herbst, Ricky Johnson (who was a huge part of this new upgrade), Robby G...SCORE...
    This feature allows you to toggle PreRunner between Waypoint editor for the actual route (like now) and a Marker Dropper... to drop Stoplight color Markers Red, Yellow and Green (not part of a route..just visuals to drop on or off route on your hotlines etc.... We are evolving this more based off of testing but you should see it in a few weeks. It's an awesome feature though and going to be great this weekend at the Henderson to Prerun on the fly lap by lap...utilizing a no "BS" color coding system for blind corners and dangers...making you locked on for laps 2,3...etc...

    4 same as 3 but on the waypoints and markers...we can tune this but realize that we are building a GPS unit for the masses... Markers are points of interest (hotels, linkup point, etc...and waypoints are points in and along your route.. This is how we see it and for other reasons why we have gone this path...we hated how GPS units for years mixed all waypoints and markers into a giant mess...they are two separate things.

    By get audio or guidance points have to be waypoints and part of the route. I know you understand this from your comments...some people don' just FYI to all..

    However we will be mixing the two a bit you will see from the new Pro Pack upgrade coming offer visual aids in a PreRunner mode..especially off route over hotlines etc...standby on that one...

    5 will wrap our heads around options but right now guys drop waypoints stating the speed throughout the zone as reminders.. We can add a larger speedo option..

    6 we will talk about this as a setting

    7 we will talk about this as a setting as well. The dots for some slower sports like hiking, running etc...offer a visual aid of what's being triggered next audibly but maybe we can have a setting that makes serpentine dots disappear when the route is being "Run"... We've also hear that the blue tracks standout more than red on the white background...this will come when we add color changing to routes..

    We have been spending a lot of time working with teams and will be officially kicking off the LeadNav Race Advantage early next year with training, consulting and support. The teams we have worked with already have quickly realized that the possibilities with our system are endless....with more tweaks and new features incorporated race to race...fine tuning their system of PreRunning and racing through ongoing training and support.

    Again it's awesome to see someone picking it up and figuring out their own way to use it!

    I can absolutely guarantee though if we sat down with you for even an hour...showed you a few more would blow your mind a bit...

  • ProbablyLostProbablyLost Member Posts: 6
    Sitting down for an hour with your dev\marketing team sounds like it would be a great benefit to both parties involved.
    When can something like this be scheduled? =)
  • chrisloomischrisloomis Member Posts: 18
    Hi Guys
    A feature that is not really for racers but would be great to have would be the ability to add pics that were taken along the way, i haven't seen this and maybe its possible but if not it would be great to have.

    2) just echoing the other post it would be good to have bigger text possible.

    Thanks, Chris
  • chrisloomischrisloomis Member Posts: 18
    New feature suggestion

    would it be possible to add the ability to "Copy to Other Collection" a track without converting it to a route ( also adding the ability to copy the markers )

    Thanks, Chris
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 760 admin

    New feature suggestion

    would it be possible to add the ability to "Copy to Other Collection" a track without converting it to a route ( also adding the ability to copy the markers )

    Thanks, Chris

    Working it

  • alexralexr Member Posts: 21 ✭✭
    Our event uses kilometer markers for event tracking, eg official vehicle 1 is currently at the 146.56km mark, or incident at the 175.54km mark.

    Would it be possible to toggle the speed box to show current position on route? 137.76km

  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 760 admin
    alexr said:

    Our event uses kilometer markers for event tracking, eg official vehicle 1 is currently at the 146.56km mark, or incident at the 175.54km mark.

    Would it be possible to toggle the speed box to show current position on route? 137.76km

    We could dig into this further and tweak it more but right now you can go Menu > Routes > Select a Route > Edit. In Route Editor when you place the red + over the actual route line you will get the distance in the route displayed. You can scroll along finding the distance location.

    When the + is off of the route line you get total distance of that route.

    Obviously you will want to goto Settings > Units > switch to the format you want.

    This is not a total answer to what your looking for...we could tweak it more and add the same distance finder in Marker dropper so you can find the distance there. Then drop a Marker there to perform a "GoTo"...


    We have a lot of features on the ToDo list and right now the solution to what your trying to do is in the works at a much higher level by adding cellular and Iridium tracking into LeadNav. This will give you team or event tracking anywhere. From there we can add "goto" features directly to there location.
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 760 admin
    alexr said:

    Our event uses kilometer markers for event tracking, eg official vehicle 1 is currently at the 146.56km mark, or incident at the 175.54km mark.

    Would it be possible to toggle the speed box to show current position on route? 137.76km

    Another better way we share and find position is by using MGRS and a 10 digit grid to pass and then plug into a New Marker. This works in large areas. Anyone can Menu > Markers > New > drop a Marker than share those MGRS coordinates via text or radio easily to then be plugged in and found.
  • alexralexr Member Posts: 21 ✭✭
    Good morning.

    We have been in discussions regarding the app and think it is perfect for what we are using it for, however we have a long internal culture and it is very important to our users, up to 500 people continue the same terminology around our navigation.

    Are we able to resolve some of these suggestions?

    1. Edit the default instructions to save time when pre running, for example stay right is always a right fork.
    2. Interchange the speed or distance from to dest, with distance from start. As we use a kilometer marker to communicate details at that point. I understand that we can use Lat and long but for our needs km markers from start work the best.
    4. Be able to export route notes from leadnav to a paper run sheet to back up the iPad and users with out iPad.

    We hope to role this software out for the first event in March after successful testing in the past 8momths.
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 760 admin
    Alexr Thanks for the interest in our systems.

    We will take a look at these features one by one and see if they can be adapted for the mass market. Were doing our best to stay creative but adding smaller group racing features must get funded external of the primary app. Racing currently makes up a small percentage of our mass market with an even smaller market (a few dozen) needing the PreRunner features found in Pro. Were trying to get creative on what features we do add so they are also useful to racing. Offering a universal platform for you to adapt into.

    Our primary goal is to improve the overall GPS interface for use in Off the Grid trip planning and navigation worldwide.

    On you first request to standardize directions...actually a team in this last Baja 500 built in a short hand abbreviation vocabulary into their device settings. So when they dropped a pin and added one or two letter abbreviations it would auto fill in "Sweeping Right 4" etc... so this is an option

    Feature request 2-3 are very race specific to a smaller group. It is unfortunaly impossible to fund these unique features unless the group or race organizations pay us for the development. Unless that Lowrance..we must build an interface for the mass market first...while doing our best to make specific features that can spread "back" into racing. Cannot be the other way around as there is not enough money coming back in.

  • generalkirk89generalkirk89 Member Posts: 2
    Have route color become available? We use leadnav to navigate atv trails in the Appalachian Mountains, the trail difficulty here is rated using colors. When the trails are uploaded to the app, they remain blue. It would be very helpful if the colors transferred to the app.
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 760 admin
    Yes this was made available last year with Pro Pack to change Route Color. Tracks will always be blue as they are just breadcrumb files and this helps separate them from the actual Routes. So all your imported Track files will be Blue then you can just drive over top of those or build routes along them for the path you will actually be taking. Color coding if you wish.
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