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Baja1000/ 3 tracks

Damian - I’m using the basic subscription. SCORE has released the GPX file , when I upload it , it shows up as 3 tracks . I have created a collection , selected a track and converted to a route and have done this for every track , yet I can not convert the 3 tracks into 1 route . I’m assuming this is due to me only running the basic subscription? Will leadnav be converting this into a single track/route ? Or must I upgrade my subscription. Thank you .


  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 731 admin
    “Merge Multiple Routes” is a Pro Pack feature. Not sure your intentions with the app but if you are taking it to Baja to just use at a standard gps to drive around with a blank background screen then you could run the basic app.

    However if you plan on racing or want to have offline map imagery in the background then you would want Pro pack.

    Generally advanced is ok for those walking around on foot and pro for those in a vehicle for the pro editing features and ability to save and store out larger areas for offline use.

    You could stick to the basic app and have a great gps capability in your hand and if you’re not racing that would be fine. If you’re not racing then there’s really no need to merge the routes into one as you’d not be running them and just visually referencing the lines on the screen to get around.

    Even with Pro sometimes I would recommend merging them all then cutting them apart at places that make sense like driver swap areas. This cuts down the individual route size and I’d just hit Run for each. This also sometimes helps with sections that double back on each other like the start and finish sections when released. She is made to handle this scenario but I sometimes prefer to split these up so to be sure.

    For this race I will be racing the BC cars again which right now are planned to run the sportsman shortcuts. So I will be doing a lot of pro pack cutting and merging to piece those in to a cohesive route file.
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