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Force Leadnav to use cached tiles while online

Is it possible to force Leadnav to use cached tiles while online. This would be helpful to get the fast load times while in areas with poor service. It would also allow us to stay online so we can track the location of our team members.


  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 733 admin
    Great question and yes we can look into this as we fine tune the Group Tracking piece. We actually currently do this when using our LN-BLOWOUT satelite equipment and LN-IRIDIUM tracking service. It prevents LEADNAV from trying to pull map imagery from the WiFi internet connection we have with the GO unit. Otherwise it crushes the units very small 2400 baud internet connection.

    That is a clean on off switch for this when using that Off-Grid switch and we would just need to see how to implement that in a weak cellular environment.
  • PinzgowerPinzgower Member Posts: 2
    I guess for now we could shut off cellular to Leadnav and use Find My Friends for tracking. The chase crews could see us with Find My Friends and we could have fast map loading. Is my thinking sound or am I potentially causing more problems?
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