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iPad not charging from cigarette adapter

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LeadNav utilizes almost every capability of the iPad that would drain battery power.. GPS positioning, Bluetooth (if using the Dual XGPS160), massive route file graphic drawing (if your running a race as large as the Baja 1000), Max Brightness (in the sun), and PreRunner (A pro feature that is constantly editing and backing up your work with a 1 second auto save), Extreme Heat and Cold (which we all like to play in)......


With the proper charging system LeadNav will maintain and in fact charge wile running.

Here are some tips

- Make sure you switch on airplane mode then turn on and sync your Dual XGPS160 puck (if using one)
- Make sure all other apps are shut down
- In the iPad or iPhone settings make sure all useless notifications and advertisement features are turned off (Mainly other apps that run in the background. Each app in settings has a switch to allow it to constantly push you notifications..)
- Things like iCloud auto backups....etc do not need to be turned on when navigating.
- Keep the brightness only at the highest you need it. JUST TURNING YOUR BRIGHTNESS DOWN 1 NOTCH will greatly save battery drain! (We know sun is our enemy... This is why we sell antiglare films..but brightness on a retina display is the number one battery drainer! This is why Apple specifically came out with the new 2.4amp chargers..your typical Best Buy or Walmart chargers will not charge a iPad Retina..they are traditionally only 2.1 - 2.3 amps..)
- Confirm your cigarette adapter is even supplying the max amperage/volts from battery. You can get an inline usb power tester from Amazon. We have found out a number of cigarette adapters installed in off-road vehicles are not putting out max power...whether it be the quality of the port or the wiring...whereas commercial vehicles we typically don't have any problems staying charged.
- If you do have a hard time staying charged then don't run both the iPad and other devices from the same cigarette port. In this case we typically keep one of our Power packs on hand as a backup.

More info.... (email to a customer)

Were not saying LeadNav won't charge out of a cigarette port and we do run them with the XGPS160 plugged into that same port... What were saying is if I would plug a tester into 50% of these race trucks we won't get the full amperage that a cigarette lighter should be putting out. This depends on the wiring they have going on or the quality of the outlet. We can't control that. We can plug it into 95% of the commercial auto cigarette adapters and charge it fine.

Also there's not a single Best Buy or other publicly sold car charger that will charge a iPad retina NOT running LeadNav...hence Apple stores switching to a 2.4amp..this will change again with the 13" iPad Pro that just came out were sure..things huge!

This is why we partnered and sell name brand products to compliment our high end software..LifeProof, RAM and our cables and charging adapters that contain internal chips straight from Apple.


Cigarette adapters were crossed over from our heavy smoking days to temporarily serve as a make shift charging ability for the new electronic age.. Which is great cruising around in a daily driver...but that nipple on your adapter plugged in there..bouncing and jarring around for countless hours is not the best option for a consistent power flow...hence us starting to install our new high end USB ports directly into the dash..just like every major car manufacturer is starting to do.. This eliminates that one extra weak connection and puts are cables straight to power.

Contact us for complete custom load outs and we can greatly cut down on the guess work with training and installations...otherwise use the above as guidance!
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  • SCORE21SCORE21 Posts: 2Member
    Comprehensive and detail oriented - well done and well written!

    May I remind commercial band radio users seeking to contact "Weatherman" that running your motor every so often will help keep your communications strong; if you can connect your mobile radio unit direct to the car battery; all the better!

    MAKE SURE YOUR MOBILE UNIT IS "OFF" WHEN MAKING SUCH A CONNECTION! You can blow a fuse if you connect while it is in the "ON" mode...
  • tomatecnotomatecno Posts: 8Member
    The problem is that the cigarrete adaptors usually are very low AMP output... you need 2.1 A or 2100 mA to be able to keep your Ipads charge at 100%

    some of the cigarrete adaptors are only 1000 mA or 1 A and they will not be enough

    the iphone for example only requires 1A
  • alexralexr Posts: 20Member ✭✭
    We have experienced trouble with keeping iPad Air 1 charged whilst using leadnav, we were using belkin 2.4A Chargers and had direct 6mm power direct to battery. We would start the day with 100% but would slowly drop by 3pm.

    iPad mini 2 had no issues.

    Airplane mode was used and all settings checked although brightness was up due to sun light.
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 692Administrator, Moderator admin
    alexr said:

    We have experienced trouble with keeping iPad Air 1 charged whilst using leadnav, we were using belkin 2.4A Chargers and had direct 6mm power direct to battery. We would start the day with 100% but would slowly drop by 3pm.

    iPad mini 2 had no issues.

    Airplane mode was used and all settings checked although brightness was up due to sun light.

    Belkin very well might be your problem right there... We run Amp meters inline for testing and we have found only one brand to do well and that is the one we happen to sell which is Scosche. Even those however don't do the job that the stock Apple cable can do so we have actually started ruggedizing and retro fitting those. There is an actual chip in these cables and the lower quality the chip the worse the results..

    Also you need to know that the iPad itself is controlling the input... if you buy an inline tester (12$ on amazon) will find that your 2.4 amp charger 75% of the time is putting out about 1.0 amps to the iPad...or that is all the iPad is allowing.

    iPads are set to accept a trickle charge not constant 2.4amps. They are programmed to actually go from 100% down to 0% then back up. A constant charge would fry your battery over a long period of time.

    Apple cables seem to work better because the chip in them is handling this trickle charge better and it seems they protect themselves from cheaper power supplies.

    We are currently working on and testing some inlines with RAM as well.

    I think Apples built in trickle could be adjusted a bit better by them but until then just make sure everything is off in the background when running LeadNav. Notifications...other apps.. also know the biggest drain on the Air is the screen. Bringing the unit down even 1 notch in brightness will make a big difference.

    The iPad may also be responding to your inline power setup... try a stock Apple cable and work back from there.

    Here are the meters that we use.

    Meter 1

    Meter 2

  • RorenceRorence Posts: 4Member
    The way for me to charge iPad is to connect it with car cigarette lighter charger outlet. The simple Bestek 300w power inverter can help me charger laptop, phone and camera easily and safely. Maybe you can search Bestekmall on Google to learn more detail functions about this inverter. Hope this point is useful to you.
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