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PRO Feature - "Save Along Route"

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One of the primary features and cost of the Pro Pack is the ability to easily save your map imagery or "background" to your device before heading "off the grid" or to a location without cell service or wifi.

Typically our race teams will save MapBox Satellite for PreRunning and Team Planning. This allows you to study the terrain and edit the route while in the field...finding alternate routes etc... Then come race day they will just run a gray background (select a map type that you have not saved...default background is gray). This avoids any clutter and allows you to see all your notes and route better during the race especially in sun and dust..

Note* Mapbox Satellite coverage in Baja is only down to 16 zoom...below that your background will be black. (17-18 zoom) You can Add a Custom Map URL if you have it to any other server... However it is up to the user to verify that this outside map type allows you to save to your device...under their license agreements...

Without saving Map Imagery

With Saved Satellite Imagery

You will need
  • LeadNav GPS available in the Apple App Store $20
  • The In App Pro Pack Subscription $149.99 a year
How to

Pull up the Event or Race Collection MENU > Choose the Collection (Import is covered in our Quick Guide and Basic Race Prep videos under Support on our website)

Goto Settings > Map > Select a map type that has a "Cloud Download" icon next to the name (These maps can be saved to your device)

Click on the cloud button next to the Map Name

Here you will see Download and the current size of that map type saved on your device. You can wipeout the complete map cache from this menu or Download more. (It is a good idea to clear all saved maps between each event. At about 20gigs you may experience delays..)

Choose Download

This is the Map Download Interface. Without Pro this popup is typically used to hand select out the maps you want to save... tile by tile.. On larger race routes like the Baja 1000 this obviously would take awhile. Hence Pro's "Save Along Route" feature. Scroll over to the area of your open Collection on the map. In this demo it is the 2015 Baja 1000. You will find with Pro that a Download Cloud icon is at the beginning of every route or track line.

When you click on this cloud button you have the option to choose the Max Zoom level and distance on either side of the route or track line that you want to save.

Once downloading commences it could take a few hours depending on the distance of the route or track line...your selections..and your wifi or data quality..

You will see that a large overview tile is being saved over your Route or Track. This is saving the general area in a lower zoom level. If you look closely you will see that your Track or Route line is highlighted in Red at the distance you chose to save on either side. This is the area being saved at your max zoom level you selected. This line will turn Blue as it saves down the line.

A lot is going on during this process meaning you should sit the tablet or smartphone down and let it run. You may get lockups or crashes depending on your device and wifi/data.. this is any time you can click anywhere on the screen to stop the download. You can click on the Tile label to continue downloading.

Keep going till you hit 100%

After that you can use the tile Download interface to hand select and download any Towns or larger overview tiles in the area besides the route itself.

With the save Map type selected...Switch to Airplane mode to zoom around the area to confirm the map imagery now saved to your device.

As you zoom in you will see the imagery saved around the Route or Track. Surrounded by the gray unsaved areas.

You are now ready to go "Off the Grid" with your saved Satellite Map Imagery!

To be continued.....
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