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Position lock and tracking on Map

First let me say I appreciate your YouTube videos they are great and I watched them all. I have used Leadnav of over 4000 miles off the grid and never had an issue until this week. I could not get my position on the map to follow along as a moved through the track and stay lock in the up view. Meaning it either didn’t track me and my position would fall of the map as I moved along, or the map would rotate as I moved along the track. Normally I have my position locked/fixed in an upward view and the position point had a visiual indication showing my direction (not show what its called). What am I doing wrong ?


  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 692Administrator, Moderator admin
    Not sure ... but did you toggle the crosshair button and wait for it to lock? We’re you cruising around with WiFi turned on? Is this a WiFi only iPad running a Bluetooth puck or an iPhone or cellular capable iPad? Assuming because you have used LeadNav a bit these are all obvious...

    Did you reboot LeadNav and/or reboot the device and see if that fixed the issue?

    Also confirm gps did not go out on your device by trying another app like google maps or Apple maps to see if it’s tracking ok.
  • ESCAPEESCAPE Posts: 4Member
    Hi - thanks for the input..

    1. Yes on the toggle, endless times.. 2. It’s a cell iPad (new Pro 10.9), 3. Rebooted several times.. 4. GPS worked on all other app..

    The only thing I can think of is that the FILE had a lot for marker and tracks, and maybe too many for the app to manage - your thoughts ?

    It was so fustrationing... Should I delete the Leadnav app and reinstall ?
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 692Administrator, Moderator admin
    LEADNAV can handle extremely large GPS files well over what a standard GPS unit like Garmin or Lowrance can. Especially on that iPad Pro 10.5. So I would not think that would be an issue unless you are trying to import and use an "extremely" large GPS file, covering an entire state for example... If that would be the case I recommend thinning out that Collection. However, I rarely see a file that we cannot handle on a Pro model iPad...

    Also when it comes down to a very large file like that it typically only affects moving around the map to view, as this strains it graphically. There is usually no issue with your position on the map when navigating.

    So I am thinking there is something you are doing that is throwing things off...

    My first troubleshooting would be to confirm how and what you're doing in the background with Map Imagery?

    -First thing, I would confirm (which this is very basic but you would be surprised on how many folks misunderstand this...I know you sound experienced so excuse me while I cancel this out) Did you save and store your background map imagery before this trip. Some people say that the "position" is not keeping up when really its the map imagery in the background that they did not prep and save out. They are watching the spotty auto cache in the background struggle to keep up as they never saved it.

    -Other time I see an issue like this is when folks are working with Map or Advanced subscription and trying to save way too many micro tiles of imagery versus using Pro Pack to save out larger areas with larger tiles. How you layout/grid out background map imagery could be affecting it. Sitting there for hours trying to save tiny micro tiles using only Map or Advanced will confuse things.

    What map type are you saving and using? Are you using Pro pack subscription for what sounds like a very large GPS file/area?

    -Other thing to confirm that the World Map Overlay is not toggled on in Settings>Maps>towards bottom as this can cause issues and confuse things while running another stored map type.

    -Also if you're trying to get real advanced by using outside mapping/MBTiles etc that you built...without a solid understanding on building or utilizing these outside formats or other folks background maps...then obviously this causes issues.

    Other than that, I would guarantee this is in the use case. So we just have to figure out what that is. There are currently no bugs that would be causing this inside of LEADNAV. So outside of this the only thing I would suspect is in its installation or in the hardware. So if the above does not solve it I would try first a Hard reboot of the iPad and a LEADNAV reinstall after backing up your Collections.
  • ESCAPEESCAPE Posts: 4Member
    Hi Again,

    Sorry was in Asia traveling and this thread got away from me..

    1. Back ground imagery was saved before the trip using Mapbox terrain & Mapbox Satelite.
    But I mostly use the satellite map when running so not sure the issue was with the terrain mapping too - but definitely with the satellite tiles.
    2. I am a PRO account user, BUT I DON”T use the advance feature to download the tiles along the 500 mile route I created. I did DOWN LOAD THE AREA (very large - complete scope of Arizona Peace Trail) tile by tile at 18X.. I think it amounted to 180 tiles..

    You mentioned that the large amount of tiles could be the reason I had the issue..

    As an FYI I have in the past downloaded my satellite mapping for a 1400 mile run in Baja the same way and didn’t have the same issue. But that as we know is only 10X size tiles for Satilite and as I said the Arizona trail here we are discussing was at 18X..

    Your thoughts ?

    Thanks Paul
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 692Administrator, Moderator admin
    Would need to see these tiles... something we're missing here. You "falling off the map" is either a background map imagery issue or a gps positioning issue. The two don't really effect each other.

    I will say W O W... 180...x18 zoom tiles is allllooooot!!

    You are definitely pushing the limits even for Pro...

    At that high of a level your definitely pushing past that $250 a year... we would normally step up to our enterprise capabilities by pulling very large single file tile sets using big computers to cross load into the iPad before a major trip.

  • ESCAPEESCAPE Posts: 4Member
    thank you again... I am going down to Baja late May and will see if it was the large amount of tiles from the AZPT trip that caused it and will let you know.. Again thank you and learned a lot here..
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