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deandean Posts: 1Member
I ride trails in AZ, CA, WI, Upper Peninsula and Mn. Really mainly interested in the gps for AZ/CA in the desert. Is this better than Motion X and other products? Is this $19.99 each year or a one time purchase? Do I then need to purchase maps? Learning curve? I have tried some other apps and really find it difficult to enter way points or find the trails on maps downloaded.


  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 665Administrator, Moderator admin
    Watch the new LEADNAV Lvl1 online tutorials under the training section and decide
  • AussiebajaAussiebaja Posts: 23Member
    Dean the you buy leadnav once then u can upgrade it to maps or advance or pro package and u will need one of them if u need the ma- image when u are of the grid no internet to see the map and these packages r a yearly subscription

  • AussiebajaAussiebaja Posts: 23Member
    Ps it’s super easy to add marker to your route at any time
    Trust me u will love it once u start using it
    Just watch the instruction videos has everything u need to know and get going
  • Cdcorn1Cdcorn1 Posts: 1Member
    Just like Aussiebaja said, you will love this program!! I have had it for a couple of months and won’t switch to anything else. I have been on a few trips to Baja with friends, we all share the course/track via text or airDrop and off we go.
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