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Want to use an older WiFi I pad for testing and learning to make a route

TexastenTexasten Posts: 2Member
I don’t know how to download a area map before I go and don’t have wi fi


  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 652Administrator, Moderator admin
    An iPad over 4 years old from release will struggle as it is out dated. However for basic use it will be fine. If you are on foot you can use either the map subscription or advanced pack to prep and store map imagery in the background before your trip while on wifi. These two packs are the same in map imagery saving and allow you to save smaller areas to walk, hike maybe bike on.

    If you are in a vehicle and like 90% of our users you will use the Pro Subscription to save much larger areas and for the "save along Route" feature.

    See our support page and FAQ

    and lessons section

    You will need wifi or data to prep and save. No way around that as these maps come from the internet and you are prepping them prior for offline use.

    Wifi only iPad will also need the XGPS160 Bluetooth antenna as it has no built in GPS positioning chip. We highly suggest running a cellular model iPad for this reason.

    See this video on the antenna
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