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Trails don’t line up between GPS puck and iPhone

I recorded the same trail using the dual puck and iPhone. They are different. The iPhone seems to align better with the satellite aerial than the Dual did. Is there a way to adjust the location recording on the Dual?

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  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 731 admin
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    Lot of factors here to cancel out...terrain...iPad...but I’d trust the gps antenna in heavier terrain over the internal iPad. I’d also say at high zoom you might think your further off than you actually are and depending on mountain versus flat terrain that could walk you left or right. I’d also try an iPad reboot. You can also reboot the gps puck through their app settings. Anything to do with the Dual puck can be addressed directly to Dual and their support. They have a full website for this as well as it is their product


  • jps1145jps1145 Member Posts: 3
    > @Damian_offthegrid said:
    > Confirm accuracy of the puck utilizing the pucks application. See our puck video under lessons section and under support page on website
    Thanks, I’ll give that a shot.
  • jps1145jps1145 Member Posts: 3
    Okay, I had watched that video before. I did go through all of those exercises prior to posting my question. I was hoping there was some sort of adjustments I could make with the Dual app that I missed. I have great connectivity to satellites. I snapped a screenshot with both trails together and they’re about 75’ off.
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