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Sharing markers to another ipad

I’m on one ipad and created some markers along the baja 1k course and I want to share to another ipad. I’ve tried a few different methods with no success, the last time they all disappeared? I’m sure your’e going to say it’s really simple so please exaplin in a simple manner, thanks.


  • spartaracingspartaracing Posts: 79Member
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 696Administrator, Moderator admin
    Unfortunately it maybe isn’t as simple as it could be right now. There is a select all delete all but no sharing to other Collections at this time.

    In a race you just happen to be flooded with hundreds of RMs and VCPs on top of it all.


    The work around would be to duplicate the collection > delete routes n tracks > export the Collection (of Markers only) and import it back into an existing Collection.

    If you did have a ton of markers like RMs and VCPs you could Markers > search “RM” > Select all > delete all etc until all your left with is your Markers. Then do the above. Otherwise you will get hundreds of duplicate RMs and VCPs.

    You could also just share the routes from the other Collection into this Collection your working on.

    Not sure the exact scenario but these are the ways we consolidate different Collections if things get out of hand.

    I’ve done serious file consolidation over a computer as well using Garmin basecamp when dealing with Collections that got out of hand. However when we added the Marker search > select all > delete all it gave us enough manipulation in app that I could get the job done.

    If this doesn’t make sense let me know
  • spartaracingspartaracing Posts: 79Member
    Thank you.

    Ok, the first work around worked. I tried the second one and it didn’t work. Maybe it’s the terminology I’m getting hung up on.You say to ‘share’ the route from one collection to the other? You mean actually using the share button then lets say texting the file to myself then importing back?

  • spartaracingspartaracing Posts: 79Member
    I think I got it. It’s a one way deal, I had to copy the race course file to the file with just the markers so then just the course shows up with the 10 markers and you can see where they are located compared to the course.

    I did find that unless you export the whole collection you won’t see existing markers from the course being exported. If you just copy to other collection then it’s the route line only.
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 696Administrator, Moderator admin
    Under each Route in menu there is a “Copy to other Collection” option but yes Sharing it out n back in through email, files, Dropbox or text would work too.
  • spartaracingspartaracing Posts: 79Member
    I’ve been working with this and for me the best method is to delete tracks in routes then export collection to an application on my iPad, for example files, then import it back into LeadNav but making sure to import it into the specific collection I want to work with and not just importing the markers themselves as a collection.

    Also, for some reason when I shared a collection into another collection the race mile markers did not show up? I’ve tried this several times with the same results

    So my next question to you now is can I replace the symbols of all the markers before I export them so they show up on the new collection as the imported markers. I know I could probably do this by going to each individual marker but for example if there are many markers this would be very time consuming. So is there a way to select all and then choose a new symbol/color for the markers for exported?

    Example: I have markers from this year‘s Baja 500 that I would like to import over to this years 1000 course as I believe they would still be a viable marker. For pre-run purposes though I would like to know that they are markers from the 500 and not get them confused with new markers that we might put in the same area for the 1000.
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