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Ipad Mini 4 case/mounting options Motorcycle

Ok, I just bought a Mini 4 for use on my Rally Bike set up. It looks like the Nuud is a no go. So, what are my other mounting options. I like the looks of the Ram mount Tab Tite and would like to use this. Does this hold the Ipad well? I would also like a case; However, it looks like the Lifeproof Nuud is unavailable. What would be another good case. Possibly the Otterbox defender? What case are folks using that will work with the Ram mount tab tite. Or am I missing a mounting option?


  • migolitomigolito Member Posts: 7
    Also considering the griffin survivor extreme.
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 737 admin
    Unfortunately the mini 4 is on its way out as it is coming up on that 4 year mark. You can read more about this in our FAQ page about recommended units. Apple shows no interest in continuing the mini line as of now with the new iPhones getting bigger and people wanting the bigger display on the iPad.

    However it will still function well for what you are looking to do.

    This does make it tough though as no one is really making cases for it anymore other than a few lower grade options. We do not make our custom billet EXO's for them... other than "one off's" when requested which would put it at a much greater cost and LifeProof for some reason stopped making them. Your best bet is an Otterbox defender which we don't typically like because of its built in high gloss hard to see screen cover. So we usually take it out. This of course makes it not waterproof anymore...

    Our evolution through bikes has gone like this...

    We used to run and still do, mini's on bikes, for folks who need to visually look at the screen because they do not or will not spend the time to plan their trip or routes ahead of time.

    For those who truly understand and run the system to its max... we throw the larger iPad in a back pack for planning at the next stop. Then run an iPhone on the bars with the audio route playing through our Scala Rider QZ headsets. The bigger screen is nice to route plan and study but when it comes to the trip on the bike we rely on the audio route we built. Visually we only need it for communication (text and calls) and if we happen to take a wrong turn to confirm.

  • migolitomigolito Member Posts: 7
    Cool. I ordered a Griffin Extreme and a Ram Tab Tite. I'm going to mount it with a 1.5 Ram ball off the Highway Dirtbike Top clamp. I'll run the Rx puck via BT and charge all via USB. I'm also going to use plug in Earbuds(one less BT thing to charge). For get offs, which I will have, the earbuds will simply unplug. I'll post up when I do the install. If the Griffin screen is crap I'll cut it out and replace it with Tech Armor.
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