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North Up / Track Up

wildpowersportswildpowersports Member Posts: 6
Pretty please.....a button for North up or track up on the nav screen that doesnt change when you zoom. Like a total lock for that orientation.

Its the only thing holding us back from totally switching to leadnav in all race/chase vehicles. Otherwise we love leadnav

I know in the pre-runner it locks the orientation, but when exploring somewhere new (I.E. Moab last weekend) thats not an option.



  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 760 admin
    LEADNAV will always run Track up and when editing or moving around the map (other than using zoom buttons) will flip North up. This is by design.

    What your stating and asking is kind of throwing me off... If you want to ride around in Track up but zooming around map it bumps north up... just hit the crosshairs again to flip it back Track up.

    PreRunner just acts as a screen lock only allowing the zoom buttons to work keeping you Track up at all times in RUN mode.

    If your request is to keep LEADNAV Track up, even when editing or scrolling around the map.. then this is a much bigger request than you realize... as we spent a few solid weeks trying to make this happen a few years ago but it just ends up breaking a lot of thing apart and opens a lot more issues.

    Apologies but it is what it is at this time for a number of reasons... and if thats the deciding point whether to use or not use LEADNAV... then you most likely are only scratching the surface on what it can fully do!
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