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Auto zoom with adjustments and route connecting or colors

ArchetypeArchetype Posts: 2Member
edited November 2017 in Suggestions
I ran LAtoBtoLV this weekend and it was great time. I had a hard time and missed a bunch of turns. When we ran the hardways. I had to zoom in to 17 to be able to follow the route. This was low speed. The all ways were fast. Some at 70 mph. At zoom level 17 I had to look down constantly to catch the turn off. If you could do an auto zoom out at speed. If you could do setting that at users set speed to zoom level and out to user set speed to zoom level this would help a ton on a bike where I can’t stop to do these adjustment. This would be switchable on/off option.
Example at 10 mph zoom 18 at 80 mph zoom level 14

Then if you could add routes on to routes that would help too. If that’s too complicated. The. Allow user to define track and route colors. The dull Red route is hard to see at speed too. Having to select a route to highlight it is not fun. If I could have linked routes together for 1 long route this would have worked too.


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