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Looking forward to the LeadNav life!

After talking to Terry Madden at the Mint, I was sold. I don't run long, unfamiliar terrain here in the East but next time I'm running a long race I'm definitely going to want to be fully set up.

I can't stand the interface on the dedicated devices, even the new touchscreen units a just plain difficult to use. Having test-driven LeadNav on my iPhone I can't wait to never, ever have a Lowrance in my car!

I race a Legends class Ultra4 car mostly in east coast woods racing, I've got a BroLite spec Ford Ranger that mostly does short course, and it seems that I might have a new gig codriving a Maverick X3 in Ultra4 UTV class that currently has a Lowrance 5M that I already hate after one short course outing at Badlands.


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