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LeadNav GPS 101

We received a support question today and I wanted to post the question and response. This will be a good LeadNav GPS 101 and may prompt some more questions on the fundamental concepts. The newer users will benefit from this. The goal here is to cover some of the core terminology and definitions. Once you get that down, things will fall in place.
Question from a new user:
I just purchased the Leadnav app. I have tried to use it a few times and I am confused on a few points.
When making a route I can not make way points and when I make a track I can not make voice commands. Is there a way to have the ability to make a track while being able to drop waypoints and drop voice commands?

When following a route with voice commands there is a red line connecting each voice command but there seems to be no reason for the red line. The track is sometimes obscured by the red line. Is there a way to eliminate the red line?

I believe some of the confusion here is from terminology and questions about intended functionality. I'll give the LeadNav 101 and then we can address the questions that come up afterwards. Hope this helps.

LeadNav 101

LeadNav GPS has four core components that build the foundation for the rest of the application. Lets start by introducing them.

Collection – A collection is a container that holds all of the routes, tracks, and markers that you create for a specific event. (Example: Fishing trip 2015, Baja 1000 2014, and etc.)

Route - A route is a navigational path built by you point-by-point to take you where you want to go. (Example: Baja 1000 race route, Baja 1000 chase team route, and etc.)

Track – A track is a trail of points that are captured as you navigate to record where you have been. (Example: Hike through Zion, Track back to quad, and etc.)

Marker – A marker is a geo location on the map that indicates something of interest to you. (Example: Best tacos in Baja, Meeting Point, Camp, waterfall, deer, and etc.)

Route Concepts

Routes are built, point-by-point, by selecting locations on a map and dropping waypoints from a starting point until you reach your target destination. LeadNav GPS routes do not snap to streets, so you hold all of the power and can build your route anywhere you want to go. There are two types of waypoints that are used in LeadNav GPS.

1. Audible Waypoint – An audible waypoint is used when you want to receive time, distance, and audible notifications when navigating towards that location. The name that you enter for an audible waypoint will be spoken to you while navigating the route. These should be used at significant locations, hazardous areas, or as directions as you approach turns.

2. Serpentine Waypoint – A serpentine waypoint is used when you want to keep the route true to your desired path by allowing it to accurately curve and bend, without triggering time, distance, and audible notifications when navigating towards those locations.

• When viewing a route on a map, the route will be visually represented as a red line connecting all of the waypoints in the route.
• The audible waypoints will be represented by a red teardrop shaped pin with a speaker symbol in the center.
• Serpentine waypoints, will be represented by a small red square or diamond shape that will be slightly wider than the route line.
• All of the waypoints can be edited or deleted by tapping on them while in Route Builder or Edit mode.
• Throughout the rest of the documentation Audible waypoints and Serpentine waypoints may referred to only as “Audibles” and “Serpentines”.

So in short, you run a route (to get you where you are going), and you record a track. The red line is the route and you don't want it to go away. If you have a track that you have recorded or imported, you can convert that to a route and then edit to add your desired audibles. If you just want to see the track and the markers around it so you can simply reference it as you navigate, that is another option.

Let me know if after reading this there are follow up questions.

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  • RobVRobV Posts: 5Member
    Ok, that does clear up a lot. I am attempting to make a route to follow for an upcoming UTV race. The race is a 30 mile loop 5 times for a total of 150. I have a lowrance GPS to load the course. I want to use LeadNav to record a route so I can see the ability of the app. So far it really seems cool. In your opinion should I prerun while recording a track or route? I want to use autible waypoints. It seems to me the best course of action is to first prerun to record a track. Convert the track to a route, then prerun again to edit the audibles to the route.
  • RobVRobV Posts: 5Member
    I do have the base version at this time. I wanted to see what LeadNav was all about. I really appreciate the awesome support level already given. I think what I am wanting to do is all available in the Pro Pack. That is why I am having questions as to what LeadNav Base Subscription can do. I am excited to use the app in this up coming race.
    I will have the ability to prerun the course several times to get LeadNav set up. From what I can see it is going to be a little work with the base version, mostly due to the fact I am being cheap right now.
    I have made some routes to and from work, dropping audibles and Serpentines. I really like the count down to way point and the ability to make descriptions of the way point that show up big on the screen.
    Great Job so far, Thanks for the quick support. That brings great value to the purchase beyond the abilities of the app.
  • BradVMWBradVMW Posts: 4Moderator mod
    Thanks for the positive feedback. We want to make you guys successful and of course to enjoy using the app. Take your time and buy the Pro Pack when you are ready. You can upgrade along the way to Pro. We provide built in price discounts if you have already purchased one of the other subscriptions. Drop back into the forum if you have additional questions, or to post your results, or pictures of you using LeadNav. Good luck at the race!
  • RobVRobV Posts: 5Member
    edited July 2015
    LeadNav worked great out at the AVE150 this last weekend. Set up in the car with the Ram mount using the Life Proof Case. I paired up the iPad with the XGPS Sky Pro for accuracy. LeadNav did awesome. I got the course in a .kml file and changed it to a .gpx, imported into LeadNav, saved as a trail. We converted the trail to a route and then went on our pre-run to edit the route to add the Audibles for the turns and dangers. During the race LeadNav was flawless and great. I do want the upgrade to the Pro Pack for the added features offered to make life better. I would suggest this set up to anyone looking for an alternative to GPS units.

  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 665Administrator, Moderator admin
    Great feedback and thanks for the Pics! =)
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