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Bluetooth GPS puck connectivity issues

Hi all,
I've been testing successfully for a while now but have recently had connectivity issues with my puck. The Bluetooth connection itself is rock solid, however the iPad simply isn't receiving position data from the puck. I've tried rebooting, syncing, updating, all that jazz. I've read on the Apple Support Community that it was a bug with iOS 8.3 10 weeks ago that Apple has neglected altogether. Really wishing I'd bought a cellular version when I went all out for a full capacity iPad Air! That was a while back though, didn't foresee this use.

128gb iPad Air [wifi-only]
Garmin Glo GPS puck
Lifeproof nuud case w/case cradle [amazing...go buy one]

Any help would be appreciated!

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  • RobVRobV Member Posts: 5
    I have the XGPS160 and it works perfect
  • THODGES89THODGES89 Member Posts: 5
    D-LeadNav said:


    Confirming a few things with my dev team...

    So all bluetooth GPS's are having an issue right now due to the iOS8 bug... BUT we do not have any problems with the Dual XGPS160 because we have an API code bundle for the puck plugged directly into LeadNav GPS. This allows us to work around any external issues like you are currently experiencing with other pucks.

    We run wifi only iPads all day long currently with the XGPS160...and have them in our store.

    Thanks for the help! Sorry for the late reply, I managed to get it running again and didn't get a notification of response. I may upgrade to the XGPS160 eventually. Now trying to get things running again the way they were since my beta testing version disappeared. Also looking for a less tedious way of saving tiles.
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