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Hardware needed and availability

I am going to be flush mounting an ipad mini to the dash of my RZR and will not be needing a case or mount setup. Can you let me know what hardware I will need to purchase and the availability to be able to run the blue tooth gps puck and a constant power supply? Thank you!


  • glamis_addictglamis_addict Member Posts: 5
    Also what is the difference in performance of running a Wifi/cellular with puck compared to just the wifi with puck?? Is the puck the only thing needed to run the wifi only model? Thought I read somewhere that an ipod touch & puck was needed for the wifi only model. Please verify!!
  • THODGES89THODGES89 Member Posts: 5
    From what I understand,
    -Bluetooth GPS puck will yield a faster position fix rate for high speed use. I think it's also considerably more accurate than the native iOS GPS receiver.
    -Cellular, as far as the application of LeadNav, is simply a redundant position fix option. Quite helpful if your puck gets lost, damaged, not charged, charging cable frays, etc. I'm running an iPad Air (wifi only) with Garmin Glo puck. Unfortunately I'm having Bluetooth connectivity issues right now so I wish I had a cellular version!
    -If you're going to run a wifi-only option, you'll probably just need the iPad, Bluetooth puck, and a power source for each (if you want to run it more than a few hours). I've had good luck with the Scosche 12v cig lighter dual usb outlet.
    -Consider getting an iPad with decent memory if you're going to download satellite imagery for offline use!

    Have fun, be safe
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