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If you have separate collections can you combine them. Seems like you can only view one collection at a time on a map?


  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 737 admin
    Currently you can "Share to other Collection" for all Routes.

    You can get creative though by emailing the Collection to yourself then "Import to existing Collection" to get done what you are trying to do....if you want everything.

    If you want to import just Markers then duplicate the Collection, delete all the Tracks and Routes then perform the above. If you want just Routes or Tracks then "Share" those out to your email then import.

    You can also open a LEADNAV .gpx file up in other programs like Garmin Basecamp if you want to maanipulate things more...

    These are all ways you can do it...
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