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Range Rings

How do you add Range rings to an existing route?


  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 731 admin
    edited September 2016
    You do not add Range rings to a Route. Audible and Visual Waypoints are triggered based off of Speed to warn you 15 seconds out and to trigger a "Now" alert at 5 seconds out from each dropped waypoint in a Route.

    Always leave Settings > Voice Prompts to AUTO. The other settings were a legacy features before we upgraded to the Auto ranged alert warnings. These old settings will be removed in the next few releases as AUTO should always be run.

    Range rings (Advanced and Pro level subscription feature) can be added around "YOUR OWN" position on the map for shooting and rough visual ranging from your location. These can be set in Settings with one of the above mentioned subscriptions. SETTINGS > Units > Range Rings
  • TRAVISDTRAVISD Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for the info!
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