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I'm just getting started with my "conversion" from Lowrance to Ipad. I would really like to try the LeadNav App as I have a few friends already using it. Seems like a great system........However, I don't have the same budget as they do and when I browse your store, I see that everything is marked as "Out of Stock". I understand that you are moving, but please reassure me that you are around for the long term, as I am hesitant to enter into a shaky support relationship.


  • johnnykjohnnyk Member Posts: 6
    Sorry,,,,,,this was also supposed to be an introduction. My name is Johnny and I would primarily use your system for Off-Road Navigation in the Southern Calif Deserts and Baja.
    I participate in Off-Road racing events and recreation out in our local hills and deserts around Santa Clarita, CA., where I currently live.
    My intent is to audition LeadNav as primary Nav system in my off road racing endeavors...
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 739 admin
    Johnny welcome to LEADNAV. We have just moved into our new Phoenix office and are currently setting up shop. Inventory will be coming back up this week with shipments starting to go out over the next two weeks.

    We have been slow rolling LEADNAV up until this point for over 2 years as our CEO/Founder has recently retired from the military only 4 weeks ago. With over 20 years of leading navigation technology for the military I can promise you we are in this for the long haul as we have been part of every advancement in navigation technology during that time.

    We have a lot of things coming online in the near future with hardware, software and our new training center here in Phoenix AZ
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