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Will LEADNAV work here? In this Country or Place?

Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 762 admin
Quick Answer....Yes....It will work in Antartica or any other corner of the earth you take it too as a GPS device as long as you have a clear view of the sky (satellites)

A iPhone and iPad (wifi+cellular model) has a built in GPS (Global Positioning chip) just like any other GPS device. Only exception is a wifi only iPad which does not (see post on what iPad to get) This chip is what looks for satellites to determine your position in the world.

NOT to be confused with data.

Data connectivity through wifi or cellular service will allow you to see background map imagery. Without Data you will have a gray background unless you use the Upgraded Map Subscription to download areas before you go. (See the Quick Guide and other posts on Map Imagery)

Again one does not have anything to do with the other. GPS (Your position on Earth) is shown from satellites....Data/Map Imagery, Texting, Internet is shown from cellular towers or a wifi hotspot.

LEADNAV will work fine even without Background Map Imagery as a standard GPS unit.

See more about boosting your devices GPS signal by looking at our Bluetooth XGPS160 antenna

In regards to Data and the Map Imagery available for your area
This depends on what level of mapping you are using inside of LEADNAV. The In App Subscriptions include the Upgraded Maps ability to save Map Box Satellite, Terrain and Street maps to your Device. This is the lowest grade but the most cost effective way to save background map imagery to your device.

These maps may very in quality from place to place. Example currently Baja is only available down to 15-16 zoom. Whereas the United States has mostly good coverage down to 18 zoom.

You also get the ability to add your own known custom Map any map server in the world that you know of. (It is up to you to be aware of that maps legal restrictions...whether your authorized to save it to your device for offline use)

For extremely remote areas
You can contract us to collect current aerial map imagery via aircraft or drone down to 21 zoom. Contact us for details

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