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Heat and device Timeouts

Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 731 admin
After the Baja 500 we had a couple people asking about the overheating issues.

We worked closely with a few teams running LEADNAV throughout prerunning and the 500 race. For this one we had Rob MacCachren, BJ Baldwin, Apdaly, Lalo, Robby Gordon, Jergensen and a few others.

With the extreme heat this year..up to 160 in the cab...we knew we were going to have some issues. For the most part the teams used LEADNAV for prerunning and planning to mark their notes and to find their lines using the higher end satellite imagery that we provided for them. Then they utilized the "Share Waypoints Only" feature in Pro to pull their notes/pins out of LEADNAV to be backed up in the Lawrance for race day.

Extreme heat and electronics all around is not a good combination but I will say for this one it was about equal on devices locking up or having heat issues from the different feedback we got. The iPad will hibernate until its safe to function again. An Android or other GPS device will not...letting it fry out.

We primarily focus LEADNAV towards the overall planning, strategy, coordination and prerunning of the event throughout the team and crew. Then we back it up to the Lowrance with most people still running their audio notes on a phone in their pocket or the iPad next to the Lowrance.

Even though we have had times of heat hibernation during this race and throughout a few warmer races over the past two years...the feedback of people telling us that their Lawrence crashed or stopped working...making them rely on LEADNAV...far out numbers the issues we've heard with the tablet.

For instance in this race they had a mechanical issue in Robby G's TT. They shut down, fixed it and when they got back in and took off the Lawrence would not power up. LEADNAV running they kept going for 20 minutes until the Lowrance finally came back on.

I think people and machine are going to have trouble at those temps. Like anything else...all you can do is be prepared...

Two is both

We are developing out own line of cases and products to help deal with the heat and cold. You will be hearing of these soon.

Also for planning and execution... the horsepower available by the tablet shines..hence it being used primarily during the planning is a sample of what must be over a 100,000 point file ready to Run. I think a lot of the Lawrence crashes are do to lack of power in CPU and Graphic Rendering. This is also why we added the Share Waypoints Only feature to the Pro Pack. The Lawrence could not handle this example even if we broke it up 10 times. So this feature takes all these Waypoint Pins (with the name you gave them) and pulls them out of the route as Markers. You can then put those into your Lawrance.

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