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Major Route Editing inside the App?

Greg_WGreg_W Member Posts: 6

In the recent Joining Multiple Routes training post you mentioned "Red Routes...then Cut, Splice, Flip, Trim then "Join" sections". I understand minor edits but is there a way to edit or delete large sections of the route inside the app without deleting hundreds of waypoints one at a time. The reason for the question is SCORE released a Friday night version of the B500 Start Finish that was both outbound and inbound. Joining the outbound was easy. I duplicated and reversed it, but was not able to trim it enough to join at Check 4 prior to the race.

Separately, is it possible you could create a Q&A directly under your training posts that are Announcements? It would enable follow up questions.



  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 762 admin
    With the Pro pack, in Route Editor, you can double tap a point in the route. Then go further down and double tap an end point to then Duplicate that section out of the route or Delete it. This is used to trim the fat off or to pull sections out, to use by themselves or to join together into a clean route.

    This is how we cleaned up a few of SCOREs track files sent to us during course setup in 2014 for the 1000 and it is whats being used now for course setup by many.

    You can cruise around trail systems all day long Track Recording. Then when your home convert to Routes and start chopping, splicing, build a clean final product.

    We actually posted SCORES Start and Finish here on the forum after we used these features to Duplicate out the Start and Finish section to then Join to each racers Preran Race Route.

    After that the next thing you can do is have us build an Event or Trail map with color coded sections, Points of interest, Sponsors and anything else you want on it. This can be shared and run in the background of LEADNAV as your map layer. We just kicked off this capability so you will be seeing it more soon.

    We will be adjusting the forum over the next few weeks to get the info out to everyone better. Some major shifts are happening as we add our First Responders and other services into the product.
  • Greg_WGreg_W Member Posts: 6
    Awesome. Just tried it. Works great. I knew there had to be a means!
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 762 admin
    edited June 2016
    Here is an example of trimming out a Track recorded "Birds nest"

    After converting Blue Track to Red Route

    Select a Serpentine point in the Route or create one to select. (Double Tap Point)

    Then select a point further down the Route (Double Tap Point)

    Heres where you can choose to Delete out that section or Copy it out as its own Route to later Join to other Routes or use individually. (How we chopped out the Start and Finish of the SCORE Baja 500)

    Once Deleted it will Join up the two selected points

    You can then add Serpentine points in to Hold n Drag into position

  • Greg_WGreg_W Member Posts: 6
    Provided for last years 2015 VtoR BITD had 566 waypoints and 1 track/route. Focusing on the waypoints editing; Is their a means to select multliple waypoints for deletion. Is there a way copy waypoints from one collection to another collection without duplicating?
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 762 admin
    edited June 2016
    Markers are the individual free floating "Points of Interest" labels.

    Waypoints are the Red Audio/Visual warning pins in your Route.

    This is where we broke off from the standard GPS units to separate these two. Doing so has given a cleaner way to divide these two.

    The next thing we did was form Collections to break up individual Trips, Locations or Events.

    Assuming you are talking about the Markers....A better way to share individual "Markers" and "Marker" Groups will be coming in the future.

    I would say the only people that need this better flow are those PreRunning and those not doing so in the best manor...however if you finding yourself needing to clean up an accidental mess you can get creative by duplicating the Collection. Then deleting all Tracks and Routes from that Collection to then merge into another.

    Or you can do this externally in other software like Garmin Base Camp or Google Earth.

    However if Prerunning...there are ways to go about this throughout your trip to end up with a final product.

    You should be starting with a Day 1 Prerunning Collection..then duplicating that Collection every night to back it up. Each day building up that single Collection until you have a final Collection to tweak and clean up here an there.

    If multiple people are PreRunning then have them start with their own collection with just the Route section they will be PreRunning. Nothing else... Than they can dump that Collection with Markers and Edited Route line straight into the Master.

    Pre runners make up less than 1% of our market. The tools are there you just have to get creative.
  • Greg_WGreg_W Member Posts: 6

    Yes I was referring to the Markers. I am understanding your logic and GPS nomenclature better now. In Baja my issue was importing Dangers marked by the other prerun team from a Lowrance into LeadNav. My mistake was importing into a separate collection first, renaming them all, then attempting to move/copy them into the final Race Day Collection. Last minute outcome was reimporting the dangers to the final collection without any renaming or labeling. I will look for the future update.

    Looking ahead to the 2016 VtoR we won't have the prerun data to deal with. Would you leave the 545+ race mile Markers as provided at one every mile? Delete some to reduce the audio? Can the more important ones be converted into Route waypoint pins?

    Thanks again for the education.

  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 762 admin
    Only Waypoints in the Route trigger audio and navigation.

    Markers in Advanced and Pro will be read when you hit them. Audibly announcing their name only. However you can toggle Marker Audio On and Off in Settings.

    Audio Markers is primarily for your people running audio only. Specifically dirt bikes. The audio announcement of crossing RMs and VCPs just gives them a warm and fuzzy...letting them know their still on the Route since its harder to glance down.
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 762 admin
    Also when an event puts out their list of Course Notes we typically go into edit, scroll along to find the RM and plug them in as Waypoints. Same thing with Speed Zones. Only Waypoints (the red pins) trigger navigational audio and visual information. Markers (the default imported black diamonds) are just free floating Markers and have no navigational value. They are just visual Markings.
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