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Hello from Washington! (How to transfer items between devices)

Hi all. I recently purchased the app for IOS. I will be using this for both Hunting as well as riding off road on ATV's. Took it out last weekend on an ATV ride and even though I didn't spend enough time getting used to the menu's, it saved us several hours after missing a turn (app know exactly how to get us back). Great app!

One question, can you tell me how to transfer my recoded tracks from one IOS device to another without emailing it to myself? I emailed it and cant open it on the other device as IOS doesn't understand zip files. Any help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.

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    You can email or AirDrop from one device to another.

    To airdrop just make sure both devices have the same and current iOS update. Then turn bluetooth and wifi on on all devices to be loaded.

    In LeadNav > Menu > share the collection or individual route, track or marker.

    Give it a second and you will see the other devices show up. (If not slide up from the bottom and make sure AirDrop is set to "Everyone" and not individual known contacts.

    Click on the devices you want to share to then accept the transfer on those devices.

    You can choose to import to LeadNav or other apps that utilize GPX files.

    Fyi airdrop works with or without cell or wifi service.

    Note: emailing works as well LeadNav to LeadNav. In the email just long hold on the zip and choose to "open in" LeadNav. If you happen to get a bunch of code find the blue box with down arrow top right. Click it.

    LeadNav recognizes zip files as long as they contain gpx files

    Hope this helps!
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    Worked great, successfully imported. thank you!
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