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PRO feature - Joining Multiple Routes Segments

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We are going to show you how to utilize one of the powerful features found in the Pro Pack Subscription called "Join Multiple Routes"

In this scenario we are going to show you how to take the Start and Finish sections of an off-road desert race and join them onto the main route. This way you can run it as one complete Route. Otherwise you would have to Run each Route section individually.

The primary use of this tool is for large Event and Trip planning, where you can take multiple Tracks (your Blue breadcrumbs)...turn them into editable/runable Red Routes...then Cut, Splice, Flip, Trim then "Join" sections into nice clean Routes before sharing them out to your group.

Assuming you already have the primary Route Collection in LEADNAV (for this Race they wait till last minute to hand out the Start and Finish).....

Here we go..

We are going to go to the Website, Email or other source of these Route files and choose to Import them into LEADNAV

Choose the Collection you would like to add these additional Routes and Markers to. In this case were going to add it to a Collection that has been "PreRan" for an upcoming event. So we just want to add the Extra Routes and Markers to the work already done.

You will see what has been Imported

Goto Menu and Choose Routes

Start and Finish Route Legs have been added from the import

*Before you Join any Routes you must be sure that each segment is traveling in the right direction. Otherwise "Spiderwebbing" will occur. To do this you can Choose each Route and select "Edit". When this is done the + aim point will always snap to the beginning of the Route. Also you will see a Proximity Circle around the last point in the Route. If a Route section is going in the wrong direction you can choose "Reverse" from the Menu to flip it. Once you are sure everything is heading the right way we can continue on.

Choose any of the Route Sections that you would like to Join/Merge

Scroll down in MENU and choose "Join Multiple Routes"

All Routes in the Collection will be displayed.

In this Example we only want to Join the Start, Baja 500 PreRun , Finish. The Baja 500 (Original Route) needs to be removed from the Join Menu. Swipe to the Left on the Route you would like to remove and Click Delete. (NOTE this is not deleting the Route from the Collection it is just removing it from the Join interface.

When only the Routes you would like to Join are displayed hold on the 3 line icon to drag them into the correct order from Start to Finish. Again if these are out of order "Spiderwebbing" will happen.

Click on Join. Now name the new Route file. (Note that a New Route will be made from duplicates and your original Routes will still be there)

Thats it!

Now if this is a large event Collection like this is a good idea to delete the duplicate individual Route sections and anything else besides the new joined final route. Otherwise your device will be displaying double and possibly struggling to load so many points.

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