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Looking to maybe purchase the basic app first but would like to know if it can do the following....First,can i draw a route with waypoints and save and edit it as needed?...Second,does it have a tool that can give me a distance measurement and also the bearing and heading from one point to the next...does it have a compass tool??......can the app import and export gpx files?...


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    Also does the app give elevation profiles of routes and tracks? Elevation profile between two points or along a route or track??
  • KetcamaroKetcamaro Member Posts: 3
    I will be using the app on a apple ipad air For hiking and pre trip you have to make an in app purchase to get aerial satellite imagery....what format map is it with the basic app purchase? Google maps??
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    LEADNAV was built off of a solid knowledge base of extreme route planning as I have led the advances of navigation technology throughout the military planning routes in the harshest locations of Afghanistan. It was built from our frustrations of not having an easy point to point navigation tool and with the current GPS interface lacking.

    You can easily drop new routes with audible and visual waypoints, drop Markers/Points of interest and Track record while later turn these into Routes to Edit and Run.

    LeadNav does not have elevation data currently. If and when it does it would be dted 3 and only as good as Google Earths 30 meter incremental changes. Once you get into terrain planning we typically perform this on outside software like google earth or some of our $30k software that handles Lidar (15cm to 1meter terrain data) we also fly our aircraft and drones over areas to collect 3D models for planning.

    At a basic level you could plan on Google earths 30meter than transfer it in and out of LEADNAV as we work with the standard gpx format.

    Any gpx work done in or out of LEADNAV can be shared in and out to computers or other GPS units. any format like usr or KML can be converted easily using GPSBabel a free computer software. This is covered in the forum.

    When route building in LEADNAV you get distances tallied as you go.

    There is no bearing Currently given between points as that would typically be used in conjunction with a compass which we have built in with a direction indicator, audible navigation, and visual.

    The app has stock Bing satellite imagery that can be only used with data connectivity.

    The in app subscriptions are to the only mapping agency in existence that allow you to save aerial imagery and maps for offline use for a reasonable price per year. Not going to go too much into mapping as it's covered throughout the forum. There are more advanced options that go up greatly in cost the whole way up to the military level but these higher end and current aerial imagery maps cost around $85,000 per 250 miles as we quoted these for trips before. Hence us flying drones and aircraft to build our own maps for organizations needing better mapping.

    Bottom line we have the best offline mapping options available starting at the 20$ a year...for hiking and go to audio features I would bump to the Advanced Pack level for what your doing. You don't need the $150 a year Pro pack subscription unless your going to be hiking out trails while track recording to later build out entire trail pro gives some really advanced track manipulation capabilities for editing your breadcrumbs into a solid trip package..cut splice merge etc.

    Again I would suggest the Advanced pack which includes the $20 Map subscription to allow you to save Mapbox maps for offline use.

    There are also more advanced ways to pull maps we could go over one on one but these require a little deeper knowledge and not publicly available..for example LEADNAV works with mbtiles which are maps we can build offline on our desktop computers.. We're starting to build paper map style event and trail maps that can be run in the background of LEADNAV. Picture a ski slope map in the background..with all of our planning capabilities on the top layer..

    LEADNAV is literally breaking new ground and we are more software then app..again as the leading Navy Seal in navigation technology for 20 years..I've worked with every piece of nav tech out there..

    Tons of options depending on how far you wanna take it and we will be offering training in August as I retire from Uncle Sam and move the company out west.

    Founder / CEO
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 768 admin
    Be sure to glance through our Quick Guide under support on our website
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