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iPad mini question

I've looked through the forum and website and can't find anything on iPad compatability. A little help with this would be appreciated. Does LeadNav work equally well on the mini 2 or 3 as it would on the 4? I know nothing about iPads but don't feel I can wait for the Android version even though I still have to get past buying Apple. Can't you build a platform for Samsung only, since they are the most popular tablet.


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    Mini 2 will work great for general GPS use however it is half the speed of the new mini 4 and Air 2. These two models have caught up on the power needed for LeadNav GPS and don't skip a beat when running even the largest collections like the 1,000 mile races. The mini 2 will lag a bit when scrolling around large GPS files like these big events but will be great for basic use.

    We recommend the Cell + data model (no actual data plan needed) for its built in GPS chip otherwise you will need to use the Bluetooth GPS puck all the time for positioning.

    The current problem with Android is that none of them including the Samsung could keep up with the processing power were utilizing. Also since their operating system is not built by Samsung..combined with the fact that less than 30% of their users are updating.. It's not stable. Paying for a device that's half the you a device at half the performance..

    LEADNAV has almost 3 years of investment and development into it. This costs an unbelievable amount to maintain. Not your typical nav app. We're breaking new ground and are focusing on the platform that can currently handle it. Android on any of its mix matched platforms... would take twice as much in investment and time to build and maintain...with the results being a sub par version of LeadNav in the end.

    Until this changes we will hold off spreading to another platform.

    We're in this to build a high performance GPS to replace the Garmin and Lowrance type units. Like these companies, who build software for their own devices, Apple is doing the same. Building the entire product from code to hardware ensures it performs.

    With Android mixing an operating system into a dozen different outside companies hardware..then us coming in and trying to jump not very efficient or stable.

    Also all of our plugins used in LeadNav from our outside mapping agencies are currently only offered as beta for Android. So regardless development cannot continue until these are out of beta.

    When we do have the time and resources to invest into the Android platform we will but at their current performance it will most likely be a basic LeadNav GPS version without all the Pro features.
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