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Android development put on hold

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We apologize to our Android users waiting patiently for a LEADNAV release but we have currently put development on hold after 8 months of work on the platform.

Here's why....

After spending a significant amount of time, investment and getting the basic LEADNAV GPS almost complete for Android we started running into multiple issues with the platform almost immediatly. Some were outside of Android's control but most were due to the Android platform itself.

First we will cover the Android platform itself

Androids business model is a little different from Apple.

Apple sells hardware and this is their primary profit. Apple builds their iOS code specifically for their devices.

Android sells software and primarily gets money from collecting marketing information from its users. They build the operating system but have no control over the devices. They are constantly playing catch up...coding for other companies who make the actual devices. It is honestly a mess with stability issues between each of their platforms. These issues have recently been showcased on the News as Android has multiple security issues protecting your data whereas Apple is being ordered by the best hackers in the government to unlock their devices.. Apple can pull this level of security off because they build and control the entire product..whereas Android is trying to patch their code for dozens of hardware manufacturers. Nearly impossible to expect a solid platform to emerge from this business model....

Just like Garmin and Lowrance builds their own operating system/software and puts it into their own Hardware...Apple does the same...providing us a solid platform to host a professional level GPS like LEADNAV.

Android on the other hand, is all over the place, plugging their operating systems into other companies hardware with additional outside companies forcing their extra fluff into it..dual web browsers..different email apps..loading you up with tools to track your every move to provide marketing information to these outside companies. Google's business is knowing yours..and outside of caring about this politically...these extra plugins slow things down on the platform.

Every Android platform we tested was having a hard time performing at the same level as our Apple devices. This was due to speed, power and all the issues stated above. Even the smallest GPS Collections were having a hard time running on our Android devices. We were patching a lot of stability issues and these were different across each Android platform. Apple's Air 2, mini 4 and especially the new Pro lineup are extremely fast and powerful. This level of platform does not yet exist in Android and would not be expected to be...seeing that Android devices are typically half the cost..."priced accordingly".

Issues outside of Android
Currently our mapping engine is upgrading their systems. Their current Android Beta is still in progress without any indication on when this will be completed at the current Apple level we are running.

Final Thoughts
We have been heavily involved in navigation development for Android over the past few years with dozens of navigation applications but LEADNAV is far more advanced over any other GPS application ever built. Utilizing the max horsepower of the current Apple lineup, as a professional grade GPS, LEADNAV runs beautifully on Apple due to its iOS code being built for the device itself. We build the software and it works across the entire Apple lineup flawlessly, allowing us to develop revolutionary features based off of this solid and "stable" platform.

LEADNAV is a professionally built Off the Grid GPS capability and currently built on the platform that can handle it.

We will hold off on Android until the platform and code can catch up. We can not provide a product that won't our current level.

We are sure Android development will continue in the future but you can expect to see Basic LEADNAV GPS first...and not our Pro and more Advanced features for a long time.
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