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AJFAJF Member Posts: 3
I'm not sure if this is the correct place for suggestions so feel free to move this post accordingly.

we've been using LeadNav for tracking Jeep trails for the last few weeks and are very happy with it. All our trail leaders have started using it for our runs and tracking new trails. I have a few suggestions for how we use LeadNav.

- A Jeep type marker package would be nice,

-trail head
-air up
-lunch stop
-Point of interest
-rock garden
-steep climb
-gate (normally open)
-gate (normally closed)
-cattle guard
-water tank
-water crossing

- Ability to change route colors

- Route label shown on route, like you see on road labels to help identify multiple route in a congested area.

- use the Maps in IOS to "go to" trail head or to the beginning of a route.

- to move a marker to another collection

- portrait view on phone version

that's all i can think of at the moment. looking forward to seeing where LeadNav goes in the future.

thank you


  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 731 admin
    Thank you for the input.

    Were prepping to work with the Jeep community for as we have Casey Currie as our LeadNav Jeep Rep.

    Work has started on a complete video series covering LeadNav in depth including the Pro Pack Event Prep and Trail blazing.

    We are going to start working trail systems with off-roader labels directly into our MapBox Maps.

    The way the system will work is you go out and track record and mark new trails using LEADNAV...then for events or trail riding areas you submit the Collection to our team...and we will embed the map directly into the Map Background with colors and map labels for your event or area.

    We are stating to do this now so if you know an organization that would like an event or area embedded into our background map imagery...point them in our direction.

    This will allow a background image of the area that you the individual can plan out your trip and navigate around using LeadNav. Saving that Map type to your device before you go.

    We want to add color to routes but at this point we want people to learn without confusion. Currently Tracks/breadcrumbs are Blue and Editable/Runable Routes are Red. Obviously you probably know you can Track record, then convert those Tracks to Routes to then Cut, Trim, Edit, Reverse and Merge these into a clean Collection of Routes of the area. You can also Drop and Label Points of Interest/Markers in the Area.

    This Final product is what you can give to us to then Carto straight into the background layer for an upcoming event.
  • Greg_WGreg_W Member Posts: 6
    Great product!

    Used it for the first time pre running and during the Baja 500.
    Here are a few small suggestions:
    While using the pre runner with the side bar I was constantly switching from turn/danger and red yellow green. The double tap is cumbersome with all the bouncing and forced us to stop and backup multiple times for accurate marking of dangers. Button size is good so maybe a vertical slide of the tab would be better?
    Second is a vision issue of the tiny red recording light. For me, I could use the entire Rec in a red oval or rectangle.

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