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2016 NORRA - BIKE - Road Books now available for LEADNAV

Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Administrator, Moderator Posts: 762 admin
Here are the NORRA Bike gpx files ready to import into LeadNav. The entire Road Book was hand jammed into these files. It is up to you to scan through each day and to add in any up dates prior to the race.

You will find a Collection for all 5 race days

NORRA B1 - LeadNav Edition
NORRA B2 - LeadNav Edition
NORRA B3 - LeadNav Edition
NORRA B4 - LeadNav Edition
NORRA B5 - LeadNav Edition

Load each of these, choose the current Route Leg of the Race, then Run.

You will receive a 15 second warning and a 5 second now for each Waypoint.

If you would like to have background map imagery for the event be sure to read up on how to Save Satellite, Terrain or Street maps prior to leaving for Baja. Remember Baja Satellite imagery is Spotty with only 15-16 zoom coverage. 17-18 will display blank/black.

Use the Map Sub to hand save or the Pro Pack to "Save along Route". How to's can be found under support on our website and throughout the Forum.

LeadNav is not responsable for injuries or is dangerous so use common sense when using LeadNav.

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