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  • jcracing
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    November 26
  • Syko
    Are You offering help on LeadNav installation and race course prep yet. I am looking for help to merge markers from different trails and route into one to use on November 20, 2020 for the Baja 1000. My phone number is 619-987-9191. Thanks
    November 19
  • dezertBandito
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    November 17
  • Simiphipps
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    November 7
  • BajaGundy
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    November 3
  • Rf11
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    October 26
  • Joshuaevans
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    October 19
  • EspiRacing1969
    Updated to new IPad Pro - and LeadNav won't let me Activate my Subscription. Says "Request Failed - Please ensure the same email address was entered as was used to purchase your subscription from LeadNav Supply". I am using the only e-mail address. HELP need to use this system in 3 days at the UTV Worlds Championship
    October 3
  • tomato_racing
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    October 1

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