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  • Re: Track race car on iPad?

    If you are talking in regards to just general mapping and navigation... that depends on the size area you will be chasing and the level of zoom you want to save if its in an area without cellular service.... If its the entire Baja pennisula... yes PRO will probably be needed to save at least 15 zoom down... If its the Mint 400 then probably but not needed.

    If this is in regards to our Satellite equipment and Service plans to actually see the race car and the race car to see you (live group tracking) then YES... Pro is needed to use this feature as well.

    In the end the answer generally is YES...

    If you are "Chasing" an event... then you are a Pro user and whom Pro was designed for.
  • Re: manual ?

    Check out the Quick Guide and videos under our website Support page as well as the Lessons section here on the forum.

    Also keep an eye out for our monthly school house training by joining our newsletter.
  • STANDARD feature - Converting File types

    Everyone listen up especially you race organizers!

    We are going to show you how easy it is to convert navigation file types back and fourth.

    To start with we break down the typical types of files found in navigation.
    GPX - The standard in navigation. Compatible with a number of GPS devices and software to include LEADNAV, Garmin, Lowrance and all other Tablet and Smartphone navigation applications.
    KML - Used in Google Earth
    KMZ- The zipped version of KML
    USR- Used by Lowrance

    So with that...there is absolutely no reason for a race or any other organization to not put out GPX as their primary file. If you were to pick just one...GPX is the right answer...everyone nod your head "yes"...

    I don't care if you built the event on a Garmin, Lowrance, Google Earth or, what you should be using, LEADNAV GPS with the Pro Pack, we are going to show how easy it is to convert them all with a click of a button for free.


    Download a FREE program called GPSBabel for your PC or Mac. "Yes you need a computer"

    Install it then Start it

    Now go through these steps

    1 - Select the current file format of what you want converted
    2 - Choose the actual file wherever it is on your computer
    3 - Make sure all three of these are selected
    4 - Select the format you want to convert over to
    5 - Select a name and where you want the converted file to go
    6 - Hit OK

    Your Done! Congrats!

    Now convert Collections that you build in LEADNAV to USR or KML and vice versus all day long! Find State park files online and convert them to GPX to import into LEADNAV

    Remember USR and KML/KMZ Tracks are just breadcrumbs. When imported into LEADNAV use Menu to select these Blue Convert to Red Routes. Then they are Editable and Runable in LEADNAV GPS!
  • Re: Iridium Go! True Off the Grid TO Off the Grid tracking

    yep....its coming very very soon... B)
  • Re: Where is the QUICK GUIDE located and how can i get to use it ?

    Quick guide is getting updated but the How to section of Forum n videos there are a good start. We also run training here at our Phoenix AZ office monthly

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