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Is there a way to upload a list of standard waypoints?

New guy here from California. I am wondering if there is a way to upload a list of standard waypoints. I have not subscribed to the mapbox yet because I'm not sure how to do that yet with the Ipad. It seems I might need to call Apple from a post I read.

Also, it looks like right now the main focus is mostly offroad applications like trails, racing, etc. Are there any plans for marine or military applications?


  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid admin Posts: 636Administrator, Moderator admin
    Any GPX file of points, tracks or routes can be imported into LEADNAV just by clicking on them in Safari, Email, Dropbox or shared via Airdrop or dropped in directly utilizing a computer and iTunes. This is covered on the Quick Guide.

    Also and USR, KMZ,KML or any other type of nav file can be converted using free programs like GPSBabel and brought in as a GPX.

    Points can be brought in as Markers by entering coordinates.

    Subscribing to MapBox is done as a In App purchase. You just go Settings > In App Purchases inside LEADNAV to subscribe. The Map Subscription allows you to download and borrow background satellite, terrain and street maps to your device for offline use. Otherwise you will just have a gray background when outside of data range.

    LEADNAV's primarily focus is off the grid GPS...Off-road, Backcountry.. being founded and designed by a 20 year Navy Seal who has lead advances in navigation technology in the US absolutely has other uses and capabilities outside of the public how to guides.
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