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Racing is a fun sport but today I used the lead nav for a rescue.... Something different from racing but really all the same, KEEP PEOPLE SAFE, Carl Renezeder has a nice short course track, no more Baja. Lead nav has helped me get to places that I would not be able to go to with normal GPS. Lead Nav Thank you for what you have started and thank you for makeing Search and Rescue a lot better. Oh did I mention Carl... great guy that I worked with 20 years ago... He Is a good guy..


  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid admin Posts: 636Administrator, Moderator admin
    As retiring military special operations LEADNAV was and is fully intended as an improved GPS interface for off the grid use. Over the next few months you will actually see a shift happening over to professional use outside of racing as we are 2 months from retiring from Uncle Sam.

    Stay tuned
  • desertjkdesertjk Posts: 16Member
    I was glad to be able to use lead nav on the search and It worked great, locate and extract. Saturday we did a nice run with the local 4X4 club and the wife had a good time checking out the trails as we were going. I still have a little work on a few things but I am impressed with how it is working.
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