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I need to export a leadnav gpx to A garmin device.

Falco1965Falco1965 Posts: 3Member
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I’m trying to convert a leadnav file to my garmin when I load it all I get is a bizilion waypoints. Is there anyway to fix this or do I have to purchase a $200 subscription for a functional file conversion


  • AussiebajaAussiebaja Posts: 21Member
    Try using basecamp to load your file to the Garmin gps
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 609Administrator, Moderator admin
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    Pro pack has “Export to gps device” which will dumb down Route Files so that the lower performance of a Garmin or Lowrance can handle the file.

    It essentially pulls all the Waypoints out of the Route file and turns them into individual Marker points and converts the detailed Route into a simple Track line that those units can handle.

    Because of the very large leap in performance that a tablet or smartphone offers over the single purpose gps unit we are really unlimited in point size. Where as those units can only handle usually 20,000 points.

    This dumbs it down so you can cross load between them.

    As mentioned you can also use other programs to manipulate gps files. A good one is GPS Babel which you can find an overview on here at the forum
  • Falco1965Falco1965 Posts: 3Member
    So my original statement is correct. There is no way to export the “dumbed down version” other than the pro pack. That version is a $200 annual upgrade for a file converter? Yes the pro pack has many other features but for a occasional non professional user those features have very little value. I have multiple stand alone devices that are very useful and better than leadnav in there specific applications. It’s kind of hard to put a tablet on a motorcycle for example. Only allowing export to other devices is a deal killer for me when tablets are unreliable. In the Southwest it gets hot and iPads shut down from overheating during the summer. There is also charging issues on longer trips where even plugged in the tablet will die after 7-8 hrs of nonstop use. Having a stand alone unit as backup is a must in my opinion but the price difference for the file conversion is cost preventative
  • Falco1965Falco1965 Posts: 3Member
    > @Aussiebaja said:
    > Try using basecamp to load your file to the Garmin gps

    I did that and the file is a massive list of waypoints. Nothing that’s actually usable for tracks or routes on other platforms. It’s quite useless.
  • Damian_offthegridDamian_offthegrid Posts: 609Administrator, Moderator admin
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    If building out gps packages and sharing them amongst other gps units is something your looking to do then yes Pro pack was built and is utilized by the majority of our users.

    Coming from an operational background in the military I can see why you would want to cross load, however, just know that I have run mounted devices on dirt bikes operationally at that level. We also have hundreds of dirt bike desert racers running mounted. These are in the desert in the summer however if you are going to leave the bike sitting in the sun we typically pull the device off and take it with us. Most also rely on the audio route navigation and at that point you could like some do backpack the device if worried running Bluetooth comms.

    On the battery issue if you run the 3.1 power outlet in our store I promise you will not have that issue and it will stay charging.
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